Nokia C3 Manual GPRS MMS Settings (Sun, Smart and Globe network)

Activate your Nokia C3-00 GPRS WAP and MMS settings manually in case your default network configuration will not work. Nokia C3 belong to S40 version and there is no options where you can manually add proxy and port on it's manual configuration. Using Prov file is the only option for you to manually add proxy and port. 
This post show you how to configure GPRS WAP and MMS setting to lets you browse to the internet using your network provider in case you cannot receive configuration there configuration over the air. You may explore the basic network personal configuration on your C3 phone using this guide below.

Nokia C3 Manual GPRS MMS Settings

For Smart:
For Globe:
For Sun Cellular:
Follow Sun Cellular GPRS 3G MMS Settings Activation

Here's how to manually configure your GPRS MMS WAP settings in your Nokia C3:

Go to Menu > Settings, Configuration then Personal settings

Press "Add" and then choose "Access point"

On "Account name" (Enter any name or ex. myGlobeConnect)

Go to "Access point settings" and then "Bearer settings"

Set "Packet data access pt." to "" (this is for Globe, for Smart, Sun find manual details above)

On "Network type" to "IPv4" and leave "Authentication type" to "Normal"

For "Username" (leave empty)
For "Password" (leave empty)

Press "Back" until you are in "Personal settings"

Press "Options", "Add new" and choose "Web"
Enter anything you want for "Account name" (it's just the name)
Enter url in "Homepage" (ex. this is for Globe, you may refer details on pre-requisite above for other networks)

Leave "User name" and "Password" blank (leave empty)
Leave "Use preferred access pt." to "Yes"

Activate your created manual configuration.

Here's how:

Go to Menu > Settings then "Configuration"

Set "Default congif. settings " to "Personal config." (settings we made on above steps)

Press "Back" til you're in "Configuration"

Press "Default in all apps."

Set "Preferred access point" to the access point we made on above steps (ex. myGlobeConnect or the name you created)

Thats it!

Tips on setting your network prompt in Nokia C3:

Go into Menu, Settings, Connectivity and then WLAN
Set "Internet connection" to "Ask first"

Tips above help you manage your access point to ask first on what to connection type you want to connect, via WiFi or via network internet over GPRS.

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