How To Balance Inquiry in Sun, Smart, Talk N Text, Globe, Red Mobile and TM Network

Posting here on how to check your load balance in different network in Philippines e.g Sun, Smart, Globe, Talk N Text (TNT), Red Mobile and TM. Checking your balance regularly to avoid unwanted charges from your network provider is what we always do. In this post, you can refer to the syntax or code number for balance inquiry on your network. 

How To Balance Inquiry Globe Prepaid, Smart, Sun, TM, TNT and Red

To check your balance, just try each respective network mechanics to know your remaining account load.

How to inquire Balance in Globe Prepaid

  1. Text  BAL to 222 and wait for the text message of your  load balance information.
  2. Call 222 and wait for the text message of your load balance information. P1 charged on this transaction.

How to inquire load balance in Smart / Buddy Prepaid

  1. Text ?1515 to 214 and wait for the text message of your  load balance information.
  2. Go to the SMART MENU on your cellphone then select Buddy Balance. Wait for the text message of your load balance information.
  3. Or you can inquire balance for free see How to Check Smart load for Free.

Smart Bro Users:
  1. Text BRO BAL to 2200
  2. See: Check and Inquire Smart Bro Balance

How to Balance Inquiry in Sun Cellular:

  1. Use the shortcut command by dialing *221# then press Send/Call.
  2. Dial 221 then Press Send/Call
How to Balance inquiry in TM (Touch Mobile)

  1. Dial *102# and press Send/Call. Free of charge.
  2. Call 802. This transaction will charge you P1 per call.
Talk N Text (TNT) Balance Inquiry:

  1. Go to TALK N TEXT MENU then select Balance Inquiry and wait for the text message of your load balance information.
  2. Dial 15001 then press Send/Call and wait for the text message of your load balance information.(P1 per inquiry)
How to Balance Inquiry in Red Mobile:

  1. Just text 999 and send it  to 9939

List above includes how to inquire balance in Globe and Touch Mobile, how to balance check balance in Smart and TNT, how to check balance in Sun Cellular and lastly balance inquiry for Red Mobile.


  1. Anonymous9/28/2013

    How can i inquire my pldt touch card balance.

    1. Anonymous1/10/2015

      Call 171 for your concern.

  2. Anonymous9/27/2014

    How about PLDT landline plus? I can't even find how to inquire the balance in their website. So weird.

  3. Anonymous1/10/2015

    Using sun on my android phone. Checking my balance does not reflect/save on my text messaging for reference. But just a prompt message only. Why?

  4. Anonymous2/03/2015

    all these Phone companies are SCAMS AND THIEVES. Load and get less for what we pay for after unsolicited charged txting. We need to be refunded with their BAD SERVICES and illegal service charges violating their franchise agreement of phone compatibility. Their executives should be all in jail. Get rid of politicians who are in conspiracy. Since when like our bank deposit that your deposit is pocketed or is stolen saying that it expires.
    They steal specially from the poor who need to contact their families in the Provinces while working w/ slaves pay and paying bandits agencies.
    Please feel free to copy and resend this message to ALL.

  5. I have a problem with 4.4.2 Kk,my 3g connection suddenly gone,and the most worst is my PLMN list is dissappeared,i believe that this list of plmn is where my 3g connections rely on.


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