Cherry Mobile GPRS APN Manual Settings for W1

Manual GPRS settings for Cherry Mobile W1, you may prefer network settings for Smart, Globe and Sun settings below. Just put its corresponding network settings on the fields provided upon following the steps below.

Cherry Mobile W1

3G/GPRS/APN Manual Configuration for W1

Pre requisite:
For Smart Network:

For Globe:
For Sun Cellular:

In this example I am using Globe network, you may change it to your preferred network by selecting your networks settings above.

1. Go to Menu>Connection>Data Account>Options>Add PS Account

2. Input this details

Account name: myGlobeConnect (should be myGlobeConnect if you are Globe user, Smart Internet if you are using Smart)
Username: Leave empty
Password: Leave empty
Auth. type: Normal
Sim Selection: Sim 1 (where Globe sim is located) 

3. Go to Advance Settings
Connection type: HTTP
Use proxy: Yes
Proxy Address:
Proxy port: 8080
other options leave as is

4. Click Save
Go to Options then Change Default

5. Next is set your network mode Go to Menu>Settings>Network Settings>Preferred mode then Click GSM preferred

6. Last is to set your Access point default to all you Java applications, Go to Menu>Java>Java settings
Java audio: OFF
Java backlight: OFF
Java vibration: OFF
Java network:
Primary Account> myGlobeConnect (we created earlier)
Secondary account> Same with the other one

7. Click Save!


  1. Anonymous4/18/2013

    paanu e activate ang cherry mobile w7 for internet??

  2. Hi Bryan, follow up on W7 inquiry. After choosing myGlobe INET, do I have to follow the remaing settings for W1 such as Items Number 2 and 3 as you explained above? Thank you very much. It really helps.

    1. if na select mo na ung MyGlobe INET sir no need to follow the other steps mentioned, it is for manual configuration only. If you havea built-in myGlobeINET settings just select it and you're good to go..hope it helps


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