Samsung Champ Free Internet Settings For Globe Smart and Sun

Here’s how to set Samsung Champ Free Internet Settings using Opera Mini HUI and UCWeb browser for Globe, Smart and Sun. This tutorial covers Samsung Champ free browsing for Globe using myGlobeConnect, just follow the procedure below for free internet on your Samsung Champ. For Samsung Champ free internet Smart you may follow the same procedure and use a Smart free internet working settings.

Access Free Internet in Samsung Champ Using Handler UI Apps

  1. Download Opera Mini Handler UI or UCweb Browser HUI
  2. Download it via PC and save it on your memory card or use other fone to download Opera Mini or Ucweb then send it your Samsung Champ phone.
  3. GPRS Activated, check how to activate you network GPRS.
(Skip this if your GPRS Settings is already activated)

For Smart Network:
For Globe:
For Sun Cellular:
After downloading and activating your GPRS Settings:

1.Create Access Point
2.Select Menu > Internet 
3.Connect to Internet (Yes/No) select “No”
4.On your phone, you can see 3 buttons below the screen
5.Select [=] (write button) on the right side.
6.You can now see this following options:

*Add to bookmarks
*Go to Homepage
*Send Url

7.Select Settings, you can this options

*View Mode
*Clear Cache
*Certificate Use
*Internet Profiles

8.Select Internet Profiles, you can see you existing Internet profiles

Examples are:

myGlobe Connect – for Globe users
Smart Internet – Smart Users
Sun Wap GPRS – for Sun Cellular users

9.Now Select myGlobeConnect, in View/Create choose View (for Smart and Sun select your network access point in this step)
10.In View option, you can see this following and verify if settings are correct:

*Name: (should be myGlobeConnect if you are Globe users,  SmartInternet if you are using Smart)
*Homepage url - (leave this or you can also input your networks homepage)
*Bearer: GPRS Only
*Proxy: ON
*Port: 8080
*DNS 1: (leave this)
*DNS 2: (leave this)
*GPRS Settings:
 Access name should be for Globe and internet if you are using Smart
*GSN Settings: (leave this)

After the above steps, you’re now to setting and checking correct internet profile for you Samsung Champ. Next thing to do is to set the above setting for your Opera Mini or UCweb browser with HUI.

11.On Menu, select Games
12.Select More
13.Choose Connection
14.Select myGlobeConnect (other network may also select preferred connection in here)

You’re done!

Go to you downloaded Opera Mini or UCWeb then set HUI settings  and proceed to installation. This settings works on Globe, you may find working settings for other networks via web.

Here‘s the Settings for UCWeb nad Opera Mini HUI:
Front Query:
Proxy Type: HTTP
Remove Port: check

For updated working free internet settings visit here or if you want try SURF4FREE.


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