PLDT WeRoam Tips to Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection

PLDT WeRoam ride in PLDT-Smart connectivity which is one of the leading network provider in the country. PLDT WeRoam offers 3G signals that can provide you with a maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps through UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA and 2G with a maximum download speed of 170 Kbps through GPRS/EDGE  technology.

Experiencing slow internet connection on your PLDT Weroam even if you're living in a city and expecting for a 3G or 4G connections? No 3G and 4G signals on your USB modem?, this article may help you in a simple way. By just doing this simple steps you can now tell why your connection speed is acting so slow.

Tips to Speed up your PLDT Weroam Internet

1.Check available network type in your area, if UMTS, GPRS ,Edge or HSDPA is available.
2. To check your network type go to your PLDT Weroam dashboard >> then Click Settings menu.
3. On Settings menu click Network Settings. 
4. On Select Network (by default it's Automatic) tick on "Manual" and click Manual search.
5. Wait til it finishes searching available network and type.

6. Once done, look for available 3G network type and select.
7. Wait til manual select succeed.
8. After manual selection succceeded click Ok.
9. Go to Internet (Globe Icon) then Connect now!


  1. need ko po ng software/installer ng pldt weroam broadband wla po kasing lumalabas pag ka plug ko sa pc . i think burado napo yung software dun sa mismong usb stick ng broadband


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