How To Access Airg Big Barn World on your PC

Access and play Airg Big Barn World game using your PC in using the following URL for smoother gaming experience.
Airg is another community site where you can meet other people, share your ideas and play with their fun games. You can access Airg Chat and Airg Big Barn World using your computer or PC by just following simple steps provided below.

Airg Big Barn World

Meeting other people in Airg community through Airg Chat is effortless as almost everyone of us has it's own mobile. You can directly communicate to your friends and love one's by just messaging them on their profile and catching them in chat rooms with flirting nice Airg VIP Chat Emoticons.

Playing games with others is fun. Airg's Big Barn World is the latest social farming game where your can play with your friends and achieve your strategy to boom your farm.

How to Access and play Big barn World in your PC or Computer

1. By just typing the URL then your good to go!


Another way to Access Airg using your PC :

1. Download the latest version of Firefox browser on your PC.
2. Install XHTML Mobile Profile for Firefox.
3. Then install also Quick Preference Button menu for Firefox.
4. Restart your Firefox browser.
5. Click on Prefs>Spoof>Pretend to be, just select mobile UA you want to pretend with your Firefox browser. 
Airg Big Barn World on PC

6. By just typing your know good to go!

You can now also login directly to Airg Big Barn World with this new URL:

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  1. Very cool indeed! I have been trying to play on the pc for a while with no luck. My phone is very slow but this rocks so again... Very Cool indeed


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