Airg VIP Chat Emoticons and Smileys Code for Messaging

Airg Vip Chat Emoticons for you to use in Airg chat community. Listing the syntax for emoticons to use with Airg for your reference when you're a member of Airg chat. You can use the following list of emoticons within chat rooms, composing mail, comments and in big barn world farm comments and notes. In case if you want to know how to access Big Barn World using computer just follow How To Access Airg Big Barn World on your PC.
Airg VIP Emoticons

Airg VIP Chat Emoticons or Smileys Code

You can use the code in messaging with Airg Chat app and even in Big Barn World comment box.

Airg Chat VIP Emoticons:

(wav) - wave
(nj) - ninja
:Y - cigar
(dan) -dance

Standard Airg Chat Emoticons

:) - smile
:D - laugh/grin
:P - tongue
:O - shocked
:(( - crying
:| - weary
:] - super laugh
!) - sly wink
:S - worried
:@ - red faced/angry
:$ - blushing
+0( - vomit
(sx) - kiss/romantic face
(pz) - pz
(pig) - pig
(wuf) - dog
(m) - rock on!
(u) - broken heart
(l) - heart
(f) - flower
(a) - angel
(wf) - wilted flower
(h) - happy/sunglasses
(6) - devil

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  1. Where are the rest of the VIP codes, the chicken in particular?


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