Friday, December 20, 2013

Globe GOUNLI500 Promo with 30 days UNLI ALLNET texts

Plan your Christmas and New Year ahead of time by not missing any call and text to your friends and love ones. As each one of us is getting busy on preparing to celebrate the holidays we usually forget to say hi and hello to important person of our lives. With our simple text and greetings, it means so much to them that is why we should never miss saying hi and giving thanks to our love ones. Even if you do not have a load you can still make with the use of Globe borrow or ask a load service, you can also register to their unlimited promo ahead of time avoid promo registration traffic.


You can also send you messages through your social account like Facebook messenger, WeChat, Viber, Line and other internet-messaging app. Instead of international text, you can use these messaging services to save your load and avoid additional network charges.

How to Register Globe GOUNLI500 Promo

With Globe GOUNLI500 you can enjoy unlimited text to all networks plus unli calls to Globe and TM users. This gives you 30 days or 1-month validity on all the services bundled on this promo. If you're familiar with GOUNLI30 packages then this one is just same but with longer validity and added cost. For only 500 pesos, you can now register to GOUNLI 500 and enjoy calling, texting and chatting to your barkadas and love ones.

GOUNLI500 Promo bundles

  • Viber, FBMsg, Kakaotalk,WhatsApp, WeChat, Line
  • Text to All networks
  • Calls to Globe and TM
  • Free Facebook up to 10MB
  • Chat
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Amount: 500 pesos

To register:

Just text the code GOUNLI500 to 8888

You can also register to this promo via *143#, this is much easier as the menu and options are listed there and no need for you to memorize the code the next time you register.


  1. Dial *143# then choose Combo Promos
  2. Select GoUnli, from there you'll see the list of available GOUNLI promos (GOUNLI300, GOUNLI200, GLOUNLI80 and more).
  3. Select GOUNLI 500 then after that select Subscribe to register.

GOUNLI500 Promo

Steps above may change once Globe update the list of latest promos. After registration process, make sure to wait for the confirmation message about the completion and activation of your registered GOUNLI500 promo.


  1. is it also free to play clash of clans?

    1. Anonymous6/18/2015

      June 18, 2015. Today, I tried to open CoC while still registered to GOUNLI500 but it's not working anymore. I had always suspected that this was only a glitch in their system since it's not a messaging app yet I can still use it for free. But today, it seems like they already fixed it.

  2. Anonymous11/03/2014

    How come my load still gets consumed whenever I use viber, whatsapp and messenger? Even though I am already registered under the GOUNLI500.

    1. Anonymous11/20/2014

      its because you can only choose between those applications, ex: Viber, only the viber is the free to use application in that promo

  3. 24/7 din ba yung call ? like no cut time?
    5-10pm ?.. cut yung call ganun/.

    1. Anonymous5/20/2015

      24/7 po ang call

  4. Anonymous1/04/2015

    I already received the confirmation of my registration, y can't I use viber and messenger? And y does my load get consumed?

  5. is this applicable for TM subscribers?

  6. Anonymous5/05/2015

    I cant register to GOUNLI500, they always reply me with this .. Sorry, hindi maproseso ang iyong registration. Please try again later or dial *143# for other exciting offers!

  7. Anonymous5/07/2015

    globe always fool us

  8. Turn off mo internet sa surfalert mo *143# Myaccounts Surfalert para di ka macharge

  9. Anonymous5/18/2015

    can we use this on instagram?

  10. every 30 minutes po b napuputol ung every call?

  11. Anonymous6/10/2015

    unli clash of clan ba ??

  12. GOUNLI500 is applicable for TM?

  13. Oo at unlitxt to allnetwork

  14. Anonymous7/18/2015

    need ba ng maintaining balance ang GOUNLI500? pls anybody reply

  15. Anonymous7/30/2015

    just maintain a 1-peso load balance

  16. Anonymous8/04/2015

    Unli call dn po ba s messenger?

  17. Anonymous8/15/2015

    Bkit hindi po mkaregister