Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Globe unlisurf using SUPERSURF internet promo on your Mobile and Globe Tattoo Broadband

If you are looking to register Globe unli internet browsing promo, we’ll give you all options on which promo your budget fits. Globe browsing promo can be use on your mobile phone, Globe Tattoo stick and any other open line USB broadband modem.

 To register to Globe unlisurf or SUPERSURF you must decide how many days (1, 5 and 30 days) you want to last you internet surfing then you also need to know your budget (50, 200, 999 pesos) or price of the promo you want to subscribe. Globe Telecom left us plan options to register, see below to know more about Globe unli internet promo.

How to register Globe Unlisurf or Superfsurf promo

Before we write down all Globe browsing promos, we’ll give you some tips and not tricks that may help you in a little way.

Tips, the term UNLISURF is use by Smart network that refers to their unlimited browsing promo using Smart / Smart Bro prepaid sim on your mobile or USB broadband. Are you interested with their promo pricing?

Globe uses the term SUPERSURF as the name for their unlimited surfing promos that we will be writing down here.

Globe Prepaid and Postpaid Supersurf Promos:


SUPERSURF50 – 1 day unlimited internet browsing using your mobile phone or Tattoo broadband USB Kit.

How to register:
  • Text SUPERSURF50 to 8888
  • Regular load needed: 50 pesos
  • Validity: 1 day

SUPERSURF200 – 5 days unli internet on your cell phone, mobile phone, Globe Tattoo and other unlocked broadband.

How to register:
  • Text SUPERSURF200 to 8888
  • Regular load needed: 200 pesos
  • Validity: 5 days

SUPERSURF999 – 1 month / 30 days unlimited internet promo that cost you 999 pesos.

How to register:
  • Text SUPERSURF999 to 8888
  • Regular load needed: 999 pesos
  • Validity: 30 days


For postpaid users who want to register SUPERSURF promo of Globe, just use the same keyword with prepaid users but you need to add space after the word ‘SUPERSURF’.


For 1 day unlimited internet on your postpaid SIM, just text SUPERSURF 50 then send to 8888.

You can also register to Globe Supersurf by dialing Globe’s *143#  USSD menu. Just select the option for Surf Promos or you can create your own GoSakto promo.

Additional tips for you guys, if you’re using Globe Broadband or Globe Tattoo USB modem on this Globe SUPERSURF promo, we posted its manual configuration if in case you need it.

Last tips I can give you about Globe internet promo, just make sure that your area has a good Globe network signal as this browsing promo using wireless cellular network. You need to know if your area has stable 3G/4G/HSDPA signal rather than EDGE or GPRS connectivity. To know if those signal are available, just put your phone settings to GSM/WCDMA auto mode. If you can see 3G, H, H+ on your phone network signal icon then you have a good signal on your area.

This promo can be use in Android smartphones, iPhone or iOS, Windows, Symbian and any other phone that is capable of receiving GPRS to 4G cellular network. Promo is still subject to Globe’s Fair Use Policy.


  1. Anonymous10/08/2014

    supersurf is not unlimited surf as we know it has only have 800mb per day. After you reach that limit, your connection become sooo slow that cant even load a picture in fb and you need to wait for 12 midnight to become fast again

  2. Anonymous10/30/2014

    thats right 100%..

  3. Anonymous11/09/2014

    sayang load.....

  4. Anonymous11/10/2014

    crappy service

  5. Anonymous11/13/2014

    SUPERSURF999 – 1 month / 30 days unlimited internet promo that cost you 999 pesos.
    How to register:
    Text SUPERSURF999 to 8888
    Regular load needed: 999 pesos
    Validity: 30 days
    HEHE... a month of unsatisfactory globulok service..

  6. Anonymous11/20/2014

    sana naman ma improve ni globe ung service nila.. how about max surf did u try guyz