August 4, 2013

Activate Talk N Text GPRS, MMS, 3G Configuration and Manual APN settings

Using Talk N Text SIM card you need to configure you mobile phone APN settings or you can activate and download GPRS, MMS, 3G settings over the air (OTA) to enjoy their network services. Activation can be done in 2 ways, first is OTA where you need to key-in the keyword for you receive the configuration settings right on your phone. Second is manual setup, you need input the given Talk N Text GPRS/APN on your mobile phone connectivity settings.

Over the Air activation is the easiest way to activate your mobile internet settings in Talk N Text, this mostly support previous phone models of Nokia, Samsung, Sony and more. Newer phone models with newer OS like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows may or may not support Talk N Text settings download via OTA. In this case you need to request for activation or you can configure your phone manually with provided instructions on how to configure manually.
Talk N Text GPRS, MMS, 3G Configuration
Configure your Talk N Text GPRS/3G settings to enjoy Facebook internet

How to activate Talk N Text GPRS, WAP, MMS and 3G settings 

Using your TNT Sim card:

1.Just text SET to 211 (this is free)

2.Wait until you receive the configuration settings via SMS, then it will prompt you to Save the configuration message. Save it.

3.If PIN is asked, key in 1234 for the settings to be saved.

That’s it guys, the next thing you need to do is set it as default on you mobile phone settings. For Nokia phones it somewhere in Settings> Connectivity and for Android phone, go to Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile networks>Access point names. Do not also that some phones will configure these settings automatically once you insert Talk N Text SIM card.

Talk N Text APN settings manual configuration

Simply key in or input this need details on your phone settings. This will let you enjoy internet browsing, online application like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other applications that needs internet connection.

  • Connection Name: Smart Internet
  • Access Point Names or APN: internet
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Proxy:
  • Proxy port:
  • Homepage:

For older phones, you may use this configuration settings  for you to be able to browse to the internet via WAP and GPRS/EDGE.

  • Connection Name: Smart GPRS
  • Access Point Name or APN: smart1
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Proxy:
  • Proxy port: 8080
  • Homepage:

Talk N Text MMS manual configuration settings

Key the details below for MMS settings for you to be able to enjoy sending pictures and video messages using your Talk N Text SIM over the network.

  • Connection Name: Smart MMS
  • Access Point Name or APN: mms
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy and port:

That’s all for manual setup and details on your phone, the next thing to do once you already did all the steps above is to activate to enjoy Talk N Text MMS, 3G, EDGE/GPRS network and internet services.

Here’s how to activate your manually made MMS and internet connection settings.

1.Just text MMS ON to 333 – this will activate your manually made MMS APN settings.
2.Just text 3G ON to 333 – this will activate you internet connection for your to enjoy Talk N Text Unlisurf promo.

If you wants a sample guide of GPRS, MMS, 3G network configuration, we already posted few how to for your reference.

To those who are asking about Talk N Text 3G settings, since Smart is the main network of this network probably 3G internet connection is also offered by TNT.  


  1. Good day,
    nakit po ganun ? hindi padin po gumagana.
    hindi paden po ako makapag internet kait nkaunli FB at may regular load na po ako.

  2. di pa din dumadating ung config.settings sa phone ko..last week pa po ko ngttxt sa 211 til now wla pa din po..ano po ggwin ko?

  3. Anonymous6/28/2014

    Bkit di po nagana palpak pla sang TNT lipat n LNG tau sa globe kc free internet

  4. Anonymous8/07/2014

    tae mag globe nalang kau

  5. Anonymous8/27/2014

    Buti pa sa globe nakakapag net ako kht wlang config sa smart ayaw gumana tpus wla pang config. Windows phone gamit ko supported pa yun ng globe. Napag iiwanan na ang smart hehehe

  6. Anonymous10/02/2014

    bakit ayaw!!!!!!?

  7. Bwesit kayo tnt walang kwenta....

  8. Anonymous11/14/2014

    Kaya lng naman kyo na-block kc illegal gnamit nyong connection kaya kung d gumana sa inyo yung trick n to, wag n magreklamo. Galit n galit pa kyo dn naman may kagagawan ng block n yan.

    1. Anonymous11/24/2014

      haist... actually wala poh akong may ginawa sa tntpaano nagingillegal poh ang connection ko? binili ko lang po ito na sim galing sa mga dealer ng tnt kaya tanong lang poh paano po naging kasalanan namin?.... so di poh bah pweding magrlamo para maayos poh to at makapag register kami ng maayos.....?

  9. bakit hindi ko maactivate yung tnt sim ko? hindi ako makapagpaload, kailangan pa ng activation. naiinis na ko. help po

  10. bakit ganun ung sim ko kakagamit ko pa man lang rin tapos sinasabi "your sim registration failed"????
    help naman po?
    kasi more po ng no.'s na important doon...
    i hope mag reply kau

  11. Anonymous4/07/2015

    I already received the configuration but still it didn't work.. now i already switched to globe..

  12. same process for cloudfone?

  13. Anonymous5/02/2015

    wala parin oh.. tagal nmn ata mag connect wala parin reply yung tnt sav SET send to 211... may iba pa bang kailangan??

  14. hindi gumagana ang SSS Online Member User ID Registration

  15. Anonymous9/30/2015

    oo nga di gumana

  16. mga tae kayo maginternet nlng kse kayo sa labas!! mura lang nman dun ha!! kht pa 30/hr ok lang un!!

  17. hahaha happy new year na lang sa inyo! :D

  18. Anonymous1/11/2016

    Guys, after sending the SET to 211, if it still doesnt work, regardless if you received a configuration message or not. wait for like 5-10 mins, check your mobile network settings. Automatic kasing nag-update sa akin to SMART internet, I did not receive any message. At first, it didnt work. If that also happens to you, RESTART your phone. That's what I did, and it worked.