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POCO F6 Levels Up your Gaming with WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0

The new POCO F6 is powered by a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 with WildBoost 3.0, LiquidCool Technology 4.0, 1.5K CrystalRes display, 90W turbo charging & more.
As POCO's flagship performance phone series, the F series has always been well-regarded by gamers and performance enthusiasts for its exceptional performance and comprehensiv…
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 As POCO's flagship performance phone series, the F series has always been well-regarded by gamers and performance enthusiasts for its exceptional performance and comprehensive experience. Last year's POCO F5, with its outstanding Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 chip and a series of excellent features, was favored by many users.

POCO F6 Design

This year, POCO has announced the upcoming F6 series, which takes the already impressive configuration of the F5 to the next level with comprehensive upgrades aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience. So, what are the specific upgrades? And how does the new POCO F6 fare in terms of price-performance ratio? Let's find out!

POCO F6 -The Right Chip for a Gaming Phone

For gamers, the phone's chip performance largely determines your gaming smoothness. Therefore, when choosing a phone, try to select a model with stronger chip performance. Taking the common Qualcomm Snapdragon chips as an example, their flagship 8-series chips can handle almost all types of games, making them the ideal choice for mobile gamers.

POCO F6 powered by Snapdragon 8s Gen 3

In the previous generation F5, POCO used the well-regarded Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 chip, which stood out among mid-range phones with its decent performance and power efficiency. However, the F6 takes a different approach. Instead of using a mid-range Snapdragon 7 series chip, it directly adopts the top-tier Snapdragon 8 series chip - the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3.

As Qualcomm's latest 8-series chip, the 8s Gen 3 shares many similarities with the current top-performing Android chip, the 8 Gen 3, not just in name but also in features. For instance, in terms of AI, to better handle the increasing number of AI applications today, the 8s Gen 3 significantly enhances AI performance, even matching its twin brother, the 8 Gen 3. This allows for smooth operation of various AI applications and more efficient image an dvideo processing.

POCO F6 Antutu Score

While the 8s Gen 3's performance is slightly weaker as a substitute for the 8 Gen 3, its AnTuTu benchmark score still exceeds 1.53 million, making it a true flagship chip and placing it firmly within the top 3 in the Android camp. This powerful performance means it can easily handle anything you throw at it, whether it's gaming, photography, video watching, or work, ensuring a super-fast response speed and unrestricted enjoyment!

Experienced gamers know that absolute chip performance is just the foundation. If heat dissipation optimization is inadequate, prolonged gaming sessions will lead to overheating and lag, causing problems at critical moments. To address this, the POCO F6 is equipped with the new WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0, allowing it to fully unleash its potential.

POCO F6 WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0

In actual tests with large 3D games, the F6, through excellent performance scheduling, not only achieves more stable frame rates but also lower power consumption, effectively preventing sudden frame drops and lag that could impact the gaming experience. Players can enjoy their games without worrying about performance issues.

Have you ever lost a game due to slow touch response? In the fast-paced world of virtual gaming, every millisecond of delay can lead to defeat. Don't worry, the POCO F6 has implemented full-chain speed improvements for touch and response, ensuring that your phone will never hold you back again.

Power-Efficient 1.5K Display Resolution

Staring at this small screen every day, its quality significantly impacts your gaming and viewing experience. Especially for "visual enthusiasts" who demand exceptional display quality, a 1080P screen may not suffice. The POCO F6's upgraded 1.5K CrystalRes display offers the perfect solution.

POCO F6 Screen

Worried about higher power consumption with high-resolution screens? No need! The 1.5K CrystalRes uses just a bit more power than 1080P while delivering close to WQHD+ level detail. As a "sweet spot" display option without compromise, the 1.5K CrystalRes satisfies the demanding requirements of both power efficiency and screen detail.

In practical terms, the 1.5K screen displays text and images with greater clarity, and enabling high image quality in games delivers an unprecedented ultra-clear gaming experience, maximizing immersion.

90W TurboCharge + 5000mAh Battery

The high power consumption of games often forces players to stay tethered to chargers, dragging charging cables while playing, leading to a poor gaming experience. This is where fast charging and a large battery become crucial! The POCO F6 boasts a built-in 5000mAh large battery, and combined with the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3's ultra-low power consumption, it easily lasts a full day, eliminating the need to carry a power bank.

POCO F6 90W Fast Charging

Long-lasting battery life and even faster charging! The POCO F6 features the new 90W TurboCharge technology. If you suddenly find your phone's battery running low before heading out, just 10 minutes of charging will revitalize your phone, ensuring a worry-free departure.

As the "golden combination" for phone battery life, the 5000mAh battery and 90W TurboCharge achieve an excellent balance, offering both long-lasting endurance and impressive charging speed.

Moreover, the POCO F6's battery technology has been further upgraded, focusing on low-temperature, long-lasting battery life and extended lifespan. Even after thousands of cycles, its capacity remains above 90%, making it a true blessing for heavy gamers.

Our thoughts on POCO F6

Overall, the POCO F6's upgrades are quite impressive. Compared to its predecessor, the F5, the new flagship chip delivers a significant performance leap, and the addition of WildBoost 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0 further enhances the F6's gaming stability, making it ideal for gamers.

Most importantly, its price is incredibly competitive, potentially under $400, making it a standout value proposition in its price range.

So, if you're planning to upgrade your phone soon, be sure to keep an eye on POCO's upcoming new release. On May 23rd, POCO will hold a global launch event in Dubai, where they will announce more product details and pricing. Stay tuned if you're interested!

What do you think of the price-performance ratio of the POCO F6? Which feature do you like the most? What is your expected price for the POCO F6 in the Philippines? Share your thoughts and discussions in the comments below!