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TNT SIM Card Registration Link - How to Register Online

You can use the TNT SIM card registration link to register your new and existing SIM's online.
Do you want to register your new or old TNT SIM card but you are not sure what is the registration link? All mobile networks in the Philippines already provided the official web p…
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Do you want to register your new or old TNT SIM card but you are not sure what is the registration link? All mobile networks in the Philippines already provided the official web portal to register your SIM card in compliance with Republic Act No. 11934 also known as the “Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act.”

TNT SIM Registration Link

TNT SIM Registration Link

Since TNT is a cellular network of Smart Communications Inc. in the Philippines, they share the same SIM card registration link via web page. Both new TNT SIM and existing subscribers need to register as required by the law before the deadline to avoid the deactivation of service. Accessing the URL is free of charge, just insert your TNT SIM card then turn on your phone mobile data and make sure to prepaid the needed documents to be uploaded during the registration process.
  • Valid ID (take a photo of it and save it on your phone gallery)
  • Selfie photo holding your valid ID (take a clear photo the save it also)
  1. To start, visit the TNT SIM card registration link
  2. In step 1, input your new or existing TNT mobile number to get the OTP PIN.
  3. Tick or check the “I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and I acknowledge Smart’s Privacy Notice.”, after reading and reviewing it.
  4. Click the SEND OTP button. This is to verify the ownership of the number you entered in the mobile number field. In case you missed the text or did not receive the OTP within 2 minutes, you can request another OTP by clicking the SEND OTP button again.
  5. Enter the OTP PIN you receive in your TNT SIM, and then click the Verify OTP button. If your OTP is correct and you received it on time, it will pop up as “Success” dialog box.
  6. Next is to fill up the Customer Information Page with your complete and correct details. 
  7. Select type of registration
    • I’m registering a newly bought SIM
    • I’m registering my Old SIM
    • I’m registering a newly bought SIM for a minor
    • I’m registering an old SIM for a minor
    • Select Nationality.
    Select your ID card. You can choose the “Other valid ID’s with photo” option.
    • Passport
    • Police Clearance
    • Voter’s ID
    • Philippine Identification
    • Firearms License to Own and Possess ID
    • Senior Citizen’s Card
    • Social Security System ID
    • Professional Regulation Commission ID
    • Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card
    • Government Service Insurance System E-Card
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
    • A person with Disabilities Card
    • Driver’s License
    • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID
    • Other valid IDs with photo
  8. In the Upload valid ID field, click the upload button and browse photos from your phone gallery. Make sure your ID is not expired and is still valid.
  9. In the Upload selfie field, click the upload button to upload your selfie photo from your phone gallery.
  10. Input your ID card number found on your valid ID then fill in all the other details (e.i First name, Last name, Middle name, Birthday, and Sex). Click next to continue.
  11. In the Address Information page, complete all the fields and provide alternate contact information for further validation and reference purposes then click Next to proceed
  12. In the Summary page, you can verify and check if all the details you provided are complete and correct. You can click the Back button if you need to edit errors.
  13. Tick or check the small box that says “I do hereby attest that I personally accomplished the registration and the information, and the identification documents provided are true, accurate, and correct in compliance to RA 11934, An act requiring the registration of Subscriber Identity Module.”. You can leave the next box unchecked if you don’t want to receive TNT promo recommendations and other services (it is optional).
  14. Click Next, to complete the final step of TNT SIM registration.  The next page that contains your control number as your reference and certificate of registration.
You will also receive an SMS notification on your TNT SIM card that says you have successfully registered your mobile number. Congratulations and that’s it! You can repeat the process if you want to register another TNT, Smart, and Sun Cellar SIM card.