November 14, 2020

How to Change Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Name and Password

If you feel like someone is connected to your Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem/router, you need to secure your Wi-Fi network to prevent unwanted access that can slow your internet connection, used up the allocated data and worst thing to happen they may access your files and online personal credentials.

This post will guide how to change your Wi-Fi name and password or SSID, making it more secure and prevent other people from guessing your default WiFi password.

Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Password

How to Change Your Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi Name and Password 

The following steps are applicable to Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi modem such as Modem ZLT P25, ZLT S10G, Huawei B310As-938 and other Globe LTE modems. You can do these steps using your mobile phone, laptop and desktop computer.

  1. Connect to your Globe At Home Prepaid modem via WiFi or LAN. Open your browser, then type in the URL address bar and hit Enter.
    Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Login Password

  2. Click login and at will prompt you to input username and password, type the username is user and the default password is @l03e1t3
    Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Settings

  3. Go to Quick Settings, then change Network Name (SSID) or Wi-Fi name to your desired Wi-Fi network name (ex. Wi-Fi ni Lola)
    Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Name

  4. Click Next, in Security mode select WAP/WPA2 TKIP/AES for stronger Wi-Fi encryption.
  5. In Pass Phrase, input your desire new password. (make sure to write down your new Wi-Fi password)
    Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi Change WiFi

  6. Click Next and Apply for the changes to take effect.

It will prompt you and others connected to your Wi-Fi network to reconnect using the newly created Wi-Fi password.

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