Smart GIGA Study 99 - 2GB Data + 1GB/day Study Apps for 7 Days

The new Smart Giga Study 99 gives you 2GB open access data and 1GB for Study apps up to 7 days for only 99 pesos.
Smart Prepaid subscribers, especially the students can now enjoy another option to avail an internet promo with the new GIGA Study 99.  It gives 1GB data per day up to 7 days access to specific apps (Google Classroom, Google Meet, G Suite, Google Search and more) use for learning at home and online plus the 2GB consumable open access data that you can use to for research and other online-related activities. It gives you a total of 9GB data (2GB + 1GBx7 days) for only 99 pesos per week.
Smart Giga Study 99

 How to Register GIGA Study 99

We listed two options for you to avail or register to this promo. First is via USSD code menu and the second is via new Smart mobile app. Just select your preferred options below if you want to register.

Via USSD code menu:
  1. Make sure your account has sufficient load balance based on your preferred promo.
  2. Dial *123#.
  3. Choose GIGA offers.
  4. Select GIGA STUDY.
  5. Choose desired denomination.
  6. Select option to Register.
You will receive a text confirmation that the selected offer has been successfully loaded to your account. 
Via new Smart mobile app:
  1. Download and install the new Smart app in the Play Store or App Store and register using your Smart/TNT prepaid number.
  2. Open the new Smart App
  3. Click 'MORE GIGA' / Other Promos in the app menu.
  4. In 'GIGA' select 'STUDY' then Continue.
  5. Choose preferred Giga Study offer.
  6. Tap on SUBSCRIBE then YES to confirm your registration.
Promo description:
  • 2GB open access data (all sites and apps)
  • 1GB data every day for (Google Classroom, Google Meet, G Suite, Google Search), YouTube, MS Teams and Office 365
  • Price: Php99.00 
  • Validity for 7 days
To check your remaining data balance just open your new Smart app, then go to dashboard and you find your current balance and expiry of your load and data promo or just dial *123#.