TNT Surfsaya 30 Bonus - Unli Allnet Calls, Texts, FB and Data for 3 days

The new TNT Surfsaya 30 now comes with Bonus unlimited calls to all networks, unli allnet texts, Facebook every day and data access for 3 days.
The new Surfsaya 30 now comes with bonus unlimited calls to all networks so you can call your friends and love ones any network anytime for only 30 pesos. You have up to 3 days validity plus you can also enjoy access to Facebook and Messenger everyday with 100MB daily data allocation. You can also enjoy unli allnet texts plus 300MB of open access data that you can use to browse any of your favorite websites and apps.
You can also use the Surfsaya Extend a promo for only 10 pesos to extend the validity period. Take note that unli all calls is not covered and not extendable.
TNT Surfsaya 30 Bonus

How to Register TNT Surfsaya Bonus 30 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via USSD code menu or load conversion. Just follow the following steps to register. Promo runs until September 30, 2019.
Via USSD code:
  1. Dial *123# menu.
  2. Select Surfsaya Bonus offer.
  3. Select option to subscribe.
  4. Wait for the SMS notification.

Promo description:
  • 300MB data
  • 100MB/day for Facebook and Messenger
  • Unlitexts to All Networks
  • Unlicalls to all networks (Bonus)
  • Amount: 30.00 pesos
  • Validity: 3 days
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How to call?
Just directly dial the 11-digit Smart/TNT/Sun mobile number of the person you are trying to call.

Needed to register this promo:

  • Php30.00 regular load
  • FB and Messenger installed
  • Good network signal reception
  • Data capable phone

How to check your balance:
You can quickly dial *123# or text BAL then send to 214. You can also use the TNT SIM menu the go to My Balance for inquiry of your current promo.

How to activate your mobile internet?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Data Usage or Cellular Data.
  3. Turn on or enable Mobile Data

How to extend:
  1. Dial *121#.
  2. Select Other offers.
  3. Select SURFSAYA Extend.
To know the latest updates:
Just text SAGOTAGAD to 888 or dial *888 from you TNT cellphone. You can also dial *123# for the latest available TNT promo offers.

Make sure you have enough regular load balance on your TNT SIM before you text or subscribe to Surfsaya30 Bonus offer. Wait for the SMS confirmation before you start using the promo.