Sun Giga Video 50 - 1GB Data + 1GB for Video and Unlitexts to All for 3 Days

Sun Cellular also offers Giga Video 50 promo with unlitexts to all networks, 1GB data, 1GB of video every day valid up to 3 days.
This new Sun Cellular offer is the with TNT Giga Video 50 or GIGA50 that’s gives the subscriber 1GB of data for open access browsing and 1GB of video streaming using apps like YouTube, iflix, NBA and Cignal TV for only 50 pesos. The 1GB video access renews every day until your promo expires and in this bundle you have up to 3 days validity.
The Giga Video or Gigasurf 50 also gives you unlimited texts to all networks where you can enjoy texting any mobile number within the country without worrying interconnection charges or rates.
Sun Giga Video 50

How to Register Sun Giga Video 50 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via text conversion, USSD code and via express load retailer. Just select the best possible options you like below if you want to register.
Via text:
Just text GIGA50 send to 247.

Via USSD code:
  1. Dial *121# menu.
  2. Select Giga Video then select Giga Video 50.
  3. Select option to subscribe.
  4. Wait for the SMS notification.

Promo description:
  • 1 GB data
  • 1 hour or 1 GB / day for Videos (up to 1 GB/day for Youtube, iflix, iWant, NBA and Cignal TV)
  • UNLITEXT to All Networks
  • Amount: 50.00 pesos
  • Validity: 3 days

Make sure you have enough regular load balance on your account before you text or subscribe to this offer. Wait for the SMS confirmation from Sun Cellular before you start using the promo.