TM U15 - Unli Tawag or Call to Globe and Touch Mobile for only 15 Pesos

With TM U15, you can enjoy 24-hours unlimited call to Globe/TM subscribers for only 15 pesos.
With the Touch Mobile U15 promo, you can enjoy unlimited call to Globe and TM for only 15 pesos. Another sulit unlitawag offer that you can avail if you have plenty of contacts or clients you need to talk every day.  The 24 hours call validity is already enough, but if you want more, you can also add up unlimited texts for only 5 pesos when you to TM T5 add-on promo. 
U15 TM

How to Register TM U15 Unli Call Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via SMS code or text. Just follow the keyword format below if you want to register.
Text U15 then send to 8080.
Promo description:
  • Unlimited call to Globe and TM
  • Amount: 15.00 pesos
  • Validity: 1 day

You cannot extend this UNLITAWAG15 promo, but you can add unli call for only 5 pesos by texting T5 to 8080. This offer is available to all TM prepaid subscribers nationwide. Make sure you receive the confirmation message from TM/Globe before you starting using this call promo to avoid the unwanted load deduction.