How to Buy Diamonds in UniPin - ML Top up for as Low as 10 Pesos

Here's how to buy Diamonds in Mobile Legends using UniPin. Available options are via Smart, Globe, bank and other payment channels.
You have many ways to top up, recharge or buy diamonds in Mobile Legends and one of them is via UniPin. It may sound new to you, but they are for real and legit way to purchase ML diamonds using various payment methods. You can transact via mobile network load, bank, payment centers, voucher and options.
If you read our previous post on how to buy diamonds using Codashop, it works the same way with UniPin.  You can buy for as low as 10 pesos up to 5,000 pesos worth of diamonds.
UniPin Mobile Legends Diamonds

UniPin Mobile Legends Diamonds 

You only need to reload your account based on payment channel you want use before you start the purchase process. Once done, just follow the steps below for your reference.
  1. Open your browser and go to the select Philippines.
  2. On the available direct top-up options, select Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
  3. Enter your Mobile Legends User ID.
  4. Select Denomination, click on the number of diamonds you want to buy based on your regular payment credits.
  5. Select Payment, you can use Globe, Smart/Sun Cellular and other payment options.
  6. In Checkout page, input your email address if you select a bank payment method. For prepaid load payment method, just input your 11-digit (Globe, Smart/Sun) mobile number. 
  7. Select Confirm then review your order before clicking Submit.
  8. Wait for a few minutes, then input the validation code sent to your mobile number to confirm payment. 
  9. Wait for the successful transaction confirmation page to view your order details.
  10. Close the page and launch your Mobile Legends app to check the newly purchased diamonds.

If you prefer to buy via telecom billing or direct at the Google Play, you can check out post on how to buy mobile legends diamonds using Globe and Smart Load.