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TNT SurfSaya 199 - 8GB total data for 30 days + Unli All-net call and texts

With the new TNT Surfsaya 199 promo, you can enjoy up to 30 days 2GB consumable data, 200MB daily for FB, plus unli call and texts to all networks.
TNT (Talk N Text) prepaid subscribers can now enjoy an extended 30-day data promo validity with SurfSaya 199. For just 199 pesos, you'll get 200MB of data daily, dedicated to …
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TNT (Talk N Text) prepaid subscribers can now enjoy an extended 30-day data promo validity with SurfSaya 199. For just 199 pesos, you'll get 200MB of data daily, dedicated to popular apps like Facebook, Mobile Legends, TikTok, and Instagram, along with a 2GB consumable data allowance. This package also includes unlimited calls to Sun, Smart, TNT, and Dito, as well as unlimited texts to all networks throughout the entire month.

The 200MB data allocation allows you to access your favorite social media mobile apps, while the 2GB data can be used for browsing websites on your smartphone. It's an all-in-one package that ensures you stay connected and entertained without breaking the bank.


TNT Surfsaya 199

You can subscribe to this promo via the Smart app (formerly GigaLife), USSD code menu and via retailer. Follow the options below to register SurfSaya 199. 

Surfsaya 199 Promo

Data2GB mobile data for all sites and apps
Freebie200MB per day for FB, Mobile Legends, Instagram, and free TikTok
CallUnli all-net calls
TextUnlimited texts to all networks
Validity30 days

To register:

  1. Dial *123#.
  2. Select Surfsaya
  3. Select the option for new Surfsaya
  4. Select 2GB, 30 days, P199
  5. Select Subscribe to register.
Via GigaLife app:
  1. Open your TNT/Smart Gigalife app
  2. Select the option for Surfsaya in your dashboard.
  3. Select options / more for Surfsaya 199
  4. Click Subscribe to register.
Via retailer keyword:

Text: SAYA199 (space) (TNT Mobile Number) then send to 4540

See other SurfSaya 20, 30 and 99 promo for cheaper internet, call and text combos.

Wait for the confirmation message from TNT before you start using the promo to avoid the unwanted load charge deduction. You can also share you are the open access data to your friends using the TNT Pasadata service.


Unknown said…
Bakit wla sa offer ang SAYA199?
Unknown said…
wala na po bang surfsaya199?
Unknown said…
kala ko unlicall to allnetwork wala na pala nagload pa naman ako ng 199
Unknown said…
Wala na ba unlicall to all network
Unknown said…
Pano po mg reg ng surfsaya199 via keyword.?
Unknown said…
Bakit naging 314 na agad?
Unknown said…
Bat ganun wala bang surfsaya 199
Unknown said…
yung 199 na 30 days nasa fb makikita wala sa allnet
Unknown said…
meorn pa po sya surf saya kaso nasa fb po wala sa allnet
Unknown said…
Pano mag redeem
mardy said…
Unlicall for trinet lang po. Hindi allnet.
joy said…
ano ba yan dapat wag nyo ilagay na unlicall kung di naman.. sabi nyo pa ONE MONTH?!?? jusko nakailang tawag palang ako ngayong araw wala na pati regular ko nawala pa.. wag nyo sana sirain yung tiwala tao. loyal customer pa naman ako ng tnt. sana naman maging patas kayo at totoo.
joy said…
Please paki ayos. ngayong araw palang ako nag load pati regular ko nagamit. let me know anong dapat gawin dahil may mga important akong dapat tawagan.
Unknown said…
Nagdoble po ang load q ng surfsaya199,ilang days b ang validity expire pagkagnon..
Unknown said…
Ano na ba bago promo po sa 1mo. Unlidata 199 tnt 30days?