How to Reset Globe Home Broadband Wi-Fi Modem / Router

Reset your Globe Home Broadband modem if you forgot your password to access your router settings and configuration.
Globe Home Broadband plan internet subscribers who forgotten the password of their Wi-Fi modem can now easily recover by simply doing the few reset steps. You can restore the orig…

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Globe Home Broadband plan internet subscribers who forgotten the password of their Wi-Fi modem can now easily recover by simply doing the few reset steps. You can restore the original setting of your modem and gain control to your dashboard after doing this tutorial.
This method applies to Huawei B315s-938 model and may work with other modem related to the brand. The device is given free when you apply for Globe postpaid internet plan and some subscribers are using this unit with their prepaid SIM.
Reset Globe Home Broadband Modem

Resetting Globe Home Broadband Modem

If cannot access and connect to your Wi-Fi network using your last known working password, the best way to regain access is by resetting the modem.

Steps to Reset Globe Home Broadband Modem

  1. Turn on your modem/router.
  2. Take a paper or any sharp object that will fit at the reset button located at the back of your modem.
    Globe Home Broadband Reset
  3. Press and hold down the reset for about 10 seconds then release.

After doing above steps you can now proceed to login the default username and admin password of your modem.
Note: This process will erase the current settings of your modem and restore back to the original configuration as provided by Globe. We strongly suggest troubleshooting the device before doing this method and make sure you know what you are doing to avoid messing up your internet connectivity. 


  1. tried the steps above several times but it seemed to not work at all

  2. Anonymous4/10/2020

    if i first remove the sim card before resetting will the connectivity be fine? im trying to bridge this with another router

  3. Paano po gagawin ko kc nung una po pinalitan ko wifi name at password po tpos may nkiconnect kya nireset ko po tapos nung mag lolog in ako s broadband pra palitan ko uli password nag iinvalid nman po user at password kht inilagay ko po eh yung user at yung original n password ayaw po tlga mka log in

  4. P help po bkt di n ko mka log in po s globe broadband

    1. Baka napalitan mo na ang user and password mo, pwede rin naman na ireset mo sa default yung router. Pagkatapos non, pwede ka na ulit makapaglogin sa router mo with the default user and password. Ang default user and password nakalagay sa likid ng router pwede rin naman isearch sa internet based sa type ng router.

  5. Pwede po ba magupgrade from wireless to wired?? Napakababa po kasi ng signal. Libre lng po ba magpaupgrade??

  6. Hi can I ask if how can I can fix my router if I forgot the password and I can't anymore.What should I do

  7. Hello po. Wala pong reset hole ang ZTL s10g so paano po e reset sa default settings?

  8. paano po ba yung sa amin kase gusto ko palitan password kaso ayaw nya mapalitan kahit baguhin ko

  9. paano ko po maiibalik yung dating ip address ng wifi ko. Di po ako makapasok sa dashboard ng globe.

  10. How to reset the new model of home prepaid wifi? Hindi kasi ako maka connect kahit tama naman u g password at user name ?

  11. Paano po kung natanggal yung naka paskil na details sa router ng globe at home prepaid wifi sa may ibaba nito, may other way po ba para machange yung password?

  12. hi sir, na reset ko naman sya, na access ko din yung parang server. Pero sabe internet fail. Meron pa ba need gawin mga configuration para ma set up ng maayus?

  13. Nag try ko na po reset nag redlight taz hindi parin po sya nag default iyon parin po pangalan ng wifi ko nalagay paano ko po ba ma default router ko po

  14. I have wifi but not internet connection anybody can help me with this thank you


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