Globe HomeSurf1499 - Now with 150GB total Data Load for 30 Days

Get 100GB of data for 30 days when you subscribe to Globe Homesurf 1499 promo exclusively available to Home Prepaid Wi-Fi subscribers.
Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi users who want more data allocation of their internet promo can register to HomeSurf1499. By subscribing to this package, you can enjoy up to one month of data connectivity for only 1499 pesos. You ca now have 120GB of data plus the 1GB of freebie daily for Watch, Learn, Chat app to a total of 150GB for (30) days.
This is very suitable to those who love to stream videos, music, playing online games and other entertainment related online activities. You can also use it to access your favorite apps like FB, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media websites. 
HomeSurf 1499

Register to Globe Homesurf1499 Promo

To subscribe, use Globe at Home App or directly register using your prepaid Wi-Fi dashboard. You also have other options to register below as your reference.
Using Globe at Home App
  1. Download the Globe At Home app on Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)
  2. Register using your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi number.
  3. Click on GET MORE DATA.
  4. Choose HomeSURF 1499.
  5. Click YES to confirm transaction.
  6. Reply YES to SMS confirmation.

Load via GCASH
  1. Open your GCash app and select Buy Load.
  2. Input your Home Prepaid WiFi number.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select Broadband then choose your desired promo.
  5. Confirm selected promo.

  • Send HOMESURF1499 to 2 + your 10-digit Home Prepaid Wi-Fi number.

This promo is exclusively available only to your Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi modem. For updates and more information, you can always visit the Globe website and social media pages.


  1. Ask ko lang, ung sa + freebie ba pwede rin gamitin sa google browsing or sa youtube lang.
    may data cap din ba un?


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