Sun Non Stop Surf - 25, 50, 100, 250 and 450 Pesos Surfing Promo

Sun Cellular Non-Stop Surf load offers light and casual internet browsing, open data and free Spinnr access.
Sun Cellular offers Non-Stop Surf promo to their subscribers who love to access the internet in light and casual way.  You can use it for web searching, social media browsing, email reading, chat, messaging and other light internet needed activities. It also includes limited open access data where you can use to stream videos on YouTube, download photos/files, mobile app/game data usage, video calls and more.
Lastly, you can use Spinnr music app to access all your favorite playlist and listen to any songs they want up to the given data allocation.
Sun Non Stop Surf

How to Subscriber Sun Cellular Non-Stop Surf

You can avail these loads through your load retailer and via SMS text conversion. Just from the list of available denominations you want to register, then text the keyword format provided for your reference.
Non-Stop Surf 25
Non-Stop Surfing + 25 MB Open Access + 300 MB Spinnr
Amount: P25
Keyword: NONSTOP25 send to 247
Validity: 1 day

Non-Stop Surf 50
Non-Stop Surfing + 100 MB Open Access + 500 MB Spinnr
Amount: P50
Keyword: NONSTOP50 send to 247
Validity: 3 days

Non-Stop Surf 100
Non-Stop Surfing + 250 MB Open Access + 1 GB Spinnr
Amount: P100
Keyword: NONSTOP100 send to 247
Validity: 5 days

Non-Stop Surf 250
Non-Stop Surfing + 600 MB Open Access + 1 GB Spinnr
Amount: P250
Keyword: NONSTOP250 send to 247
Validity: 15 days

Non-Stop Surf 450
Non-Stop Surfing + 1 GB Open Access + 1 GB Spinnr
Amount: P450
Keyword: NONSTOP450 send to 247
Validity: 30 days

You can also try Sun iSURF, unlisurf with 800MB/day data allocation.

Do note that this promo is only for light usage, once you reach 50MB/day, you internet speed slow down to 2G but the normal speed will refresh after 12 midnight. If you fully consumed your open data allocation, you will be charged with Sun Cellular browsing rate or you can subscribe to add-ons like MB5, MB50 and MB99 to get additional data.


  1. Bakit nd na po aq makaregister sa nonstop surf ngaun??available pa po ba ito??

  2. Try it thru *121# sa may other promos, meron dung Nonstop surf. Hope this helps.

  3. nonstop surf po pede xa s png online game gamitin?

  4. Bat ganon ang pangit na ng promo nyo. Sabe unli surf tapos limited yung nakaattached na load. Ano kaya yun. Pakiayon naman yung keyword sa content nung load na yun. Kasi sasabihin unlimited surf tapos limited na kapag naiload.


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