How to Unblock your Smart SIM Card in (2) Best Ways

You can easily unblock your Smart Sim if you cannot access the internet by simply following the best methods.
One of the common problems for Smart users who use mobile data without considering the network Fair Usage Policy implementation.  We all know that Unlisurf is no longer offered to prepaid subscribers that is why some of us finding ways on how to bypass the 800MB daily data limit. There are the VPN method, proxies, registration tricks and many more just to be able to circumvent the capping.
Even if you succeed, your SIM card will soon be blocked and can no longer access to the internet. Even if you use it to other mobile phone, tablet, Pocket Wi-Fi, USB broadband and other cellular data capable devices. You can no longer see your data icon on top of your phone screen, signal is also cut, no internet connection error, redial connection is just few symptoms that your Smart SIM is blocked.
Smart Unblock SIM

How to Unblock Smart SIM Card

These methods are applicable to all Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, Jump-In and Kickstart LTE SIM.

Call Smart Customer Service Hotline 

Dial *888 using your Smart SIM card that cannot connect to the internet then speak to a customer representative. Tell them your concern about no G, E, 3G, HSPA and LTE signal icon or just tell them that you cannot use your mobile internet even if you have an active subscription to any Smart Internet Promos. They will require you to provide more details like mobile number, location, name, phone mode and other verification questions. Just provide all the information needed by the CS representative and after that, they will provide to the ticket number of the reported problem. Just make sure your SIM card is inserted then wait for 24-48 hours as they will automatically restore or unblock your SIM card data connectivity.

Submit a Ticket Online
Smart Ticket

You can use this method if you have internet access. All you have to do is access the Smart online form and fill in all the required fields.  
Monitor your SIM card status within 24-48 hours after sending the ticket. You can also call their hotline using your phone if in case you have not received any update from them.