TM Secret Promo - 7 Days Unli Call and Text + Facebook for 30 Pesos

Enjoy cheap and discounted offers from TM with their "Secret" promo to enjoy 7 days unli call, text plus FB data access and more.
Touch Mobile subscribers can now avail a very cheap promo unique to each user called the “Secret Promo”. For only 30 pesos you can have unlimited call and text to TM/Globe subscriber plus unli access to Facebook for 7 days. It’s very affordable considering the included services that usually cost you more than 50 pesos. The Facebook access is still subject to Fair Use Policy, that is now automatic to all network providers here in the Philippines.
Since it’s not available to all, you can still check other offers by dialing *143# menu using your TM prepaid SIM. Other offers give you 20% discounts to a certain promo, free data and FB access at a cheaper price.
TM Secret Promo

How to Register Touch Mobile Secret Promo

You can easily subscribe to this kind of Touch Mobile promo using USSD code. The sad part is you cannot register this offer using an SMS keyword or code. You may follow the instructions below.
  1. Dial *143#.
  2. Select option 6 or SECRET.
  3. On the list of tipid hacks. Look for this kind of promo.
  4. Select subscribe to register.
New secret offers:
  1. SecretSurf50 w/ 2GB data and 1GB per day SNS/WNP for 3 days only 50 pesos.
  2. SulitSurf50 w/ 2GB/day freebie and 2GB per day SNS/WNP for 3 days  50 pesos.
  3. EasySurf70 with 1GB data, 7GB WNP plus unlitext to all networks for 7 days only 70 pesos.

Wait for the SMS notification from 8080 before you start using the promo to avoid the unwanted load charges.
Promo description:
Unlimited call and text to Globe /TM
Unli Facebook
Validity: 7 days
Amount: P30

Also available TM FB50 - Facebook for 5 Days + Unlitext to all networks.

Other offer available:
  • P15 for 2 days unli call and texts + MBs for internet
  • P25 for 4 days unlimited call and text + internet

Note: This is only available to select TM prepaid users or particular TM mobile prefix number. You can still avail other secret offers by dial the *143# menu.


  1. Panu po mag stop ng secret promo kasi hindi po ako maka register sa ibang promo


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