Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Load Promo - 1 Day, 1 Week up to 1 Month Internet

Use your Smart Bro prepaid Pocket Wi-Fi to load and register your account to mobile internet promo from 1 day, week up to 1 month.
Both Smart Bro Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can use any of the available internet promos with their Pocket WiFi. All offers allow to surf any of your favorite websites, access your social media accounts, stream video/audio content, download files, open your emails and other data needed activity. You can select from 1 day surfing, 1 week up to 30 days depending on your budget and lifestyle.
If you want faster and stable internet connection while subscribe to any of the offers, it’s best to use LTE Pocket WiFi along with LTE SIM card. Please note that unlimited internet is no longer available to Smart because of the so called Fair Use Policy. You have 800MB data limit per day or daily cap for prepaid and 1GB for postpaid users.
Smart Pocket WiFi Promo

Register to Smart Pocket Wi-Fi Internet Load Promo

You can subscribe via SMS by texting the corresponding keyword to 9999, via Smart Bro dashboard, direct via load retailer and through mySmart account online. 
Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Load
Name / KeywordDescriptionAmount
SMPLUS1003GB* open access data for 2 days100.00
SMPLUS3505GB data for 7 days350.00
SMPLUS6008GB for 15 days600.00
SMPLUS99510GB for 1-month995.00
GIGA991.5GB data* + 300MB for YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Dubsmash99.00
GIGA7991.5GB data* + 300MB for YouTube, iflix, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Dubsmash799.00
SURFMAX50All-day surfing up to *800MB per day50.00
SURFMAX85*800MB for 2 days85.00
SURFMAX200*800MB for 5 days200.00
SURFMAX250*800MB for 7 days250.00
SURFMAX500*800MB for 15 days500.00
SURFMAX995*800MB for 30 days995.00
BOOST151GB data (on top of Giga Surf 50 or any of the Home Boost or SurfMax Plus) for 1 day15.00
BOOST501 GB data + 300 MB for Youtube, Spinnr, Vimeo valid for 3 days50.00
BOOST1003GB of data for 1 day100.00
BOOST34910GB of data for 10 days349.00
BOOST59915GB of data for 30 days599.00

You can also send the keyword to 2200 if you are a Smart Bro prepaid subscriber. An SMS notification will be sent to your account every time you almost out of data allocation. 


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