Globe SUPERSURF200 - 5 Days Internet Promo for only 200 Pesos

With SUPERSURF200 you can enjoy 5 days all day internet surfing for only 200 pesos.
Stay connected the whole weekdays with Globe prepaid SUPERSURF200 surfing internet promo. For only 200 pesos, you can now enjoy browsing all your favorite websites, use social media apps, send emails, download files and more. This offer is generally for browsing, email and search activities that only consumes lesser volume of data.
We can still call it as Globe Unlisurf but you only have a daily data allowance of 800MB at normal internet speed. After that, they will reduce your speed and for sure, you will experience slow internet connection. Using file-sharing software, video content, streaming and torrent is not the ideal way to use SUPERSURF 200.

How to Register SUPERSURF200 Promo

You need to reload your prepaid account with 205 pesos, as this promo requires a minimum regular load balance. You can use the provided format for your reference.

Text SUPERSURF200 send to 8080.

Promo nameSupersurf 200
DataAll day surfing / 800MB daily
Validity5 days
Send to8080

See also SUPERSURF999 - 30 days internet promo.

Note that 800MB is only a daily cap and will refresh every 12:00 midnight. Once you fully consume the data allowance, you can still access the internet at a minimal speed. You can do text related activities like reading email, sending chat messages, research and other light mobile surfing.


  1. So in short you count 800mb x 5days is 4.5gb.. i think this promo is inferior to gosakto140 which is 4gb data unlicall and text for globe and tm and 1gb for selected freebie everyday for 7days without restriction on usage.
    I think it's worth it if supersurf promo has a bigger data allocation limit for a day of usage.. please make it the unli word worth it...

    1. I was deceived by this promo. In paymaya, it says only unlimited surfing with no data allocation of 800mb.

  2. Trash promo unlimited ?? 800mb daily?? For 5days.

    Much better is Gosurf50 8gb for 3days

  3. What can you do for 800mb? Nothing you cant enjoy.. Unli means to all surfing theres is no limit until you are register to the promo.. But what they did this company is not good..better not to avail any load from both parties


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