Cosmote Greece Internet Settings for Android and iPhone

Setup Cosmote wireless internet settings using your Android and iOS smartphone.
Using your smartphone to connect to the internet with Cosmote Wireless, you need to setup your access point names (APN) correctly to be able to browse their 3G/4G/LTE connectivity. Both Android and iOS (iPhone) users are required to have the right settings to use cellular data and other network related services.
Using the provided configuration details, you can manually setup the correct APN to access and connect to the internet using your phone.
Cosmote Internet settings

Cosmote Wireless Internet APN Settings

Using your Android phone:
Tap Settings.
Tap More Settings.
Tap Mobile Networks.
Tap Access Point names.
Add or create new APN.

NameCosmote Wireless Internet
ProxyNot set
Proxy PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set
ServerNot set
MMSCNot set
MMS proxyNot set
MMS PortNot set
Authentication typeNot set or PAP
APN TypeNot set
APN ProtocolIPV4
APN Roaming ProtocolIPV4
APN enable/disableTurn on or default
MVNO typeNone
MVNO valueNot set

For iPhone and iOS users:

Go to Settings.
Cellular Data Options.
Cellular Network.
Note: If you’re using a Dual SIM Android phone, make sure to set the preferred SIM or network, then activate the mobile data, voice call and SMS service.