Converge FiberX Unlimited Internet Plan 1500, 2500 and 3500

With Converge ICT FiberX plans, you can enjoy up to 100Mbps burst speed in a pure fiber network connection.
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. offers the most affordable fiber internet plan in the Philippines starting at Plan 1500. With that price, you’ll get a pure end-to-end fiber connection at home with unlimited internet with 30% minimum speed and 80% reliability of service. Since it is pure fiber, you can expect less network failures, connectivity problems and slow speed compared to DSL in copper lines.
Given that it’s no data cap, you can download, surf, play online games and stream all you want without worrying about the monthly bandwidth. Your speed starts a 25Mbps if you apply for their base FiberX plan or you can also apply for up to 500Mbps speed with Fiber Xtreme packages.

Converge ICT Fiber X Unli Internet Plans

You need to prepare 2500 pesos for the one-time installation fee or staggered payment for Php500.00 up to six months. See Converge ICT Fiber Coverage area.

Converge Plans and Pricing
PlanBurst SpeedMonthly
FiberX Plan 1500Up to 25Mbps1500.00
Plan 2500Up to 50mbps2500.00
Plan 3500Up to 100Mbps3500.00
Fiber Xtreme Plan 4500Up to 300mbps4500.00
Plan 7000Up to 500mbps7000.00

Compare to PLDT Fiber Internet Plan available.

All plan comes with free Wi-Fi router modem with a lock-in period of 24-months. For requirements, you only need 1 valid ID, & Proof of Billing or / Brgy. Certificate or (any government issued ID's).Since they didn't disclose the connectivity type, we assume that all plans are asymmetrical, which means your upload speed is slower that your download speed.


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