How to Remove Suggested Articles or Content in Google Chrome Android

You can remove or disable articles found in Google Chrome browser for Android by turning off search and site suggestions.
We all know that Google Chrome usually comes pre-installed on every Android device to serve as a browser whenever we want to connect to the internet using our smartphone or tablet. Aside from speed and compatibility, the clean user interface is also what we love when using Google Chrome. It has good features like automatic updates, anti-phishing, antivirus, content filter and more.
One of the recent additions is the suggested articles or content that appears on your home page and in new tab. Some of us like this features as we are regularly updated with the latest news and trending content daily every time we open our Google Chrome browser. It will list down articles with image thumbnail beside each post title right at the bottom or below the search box and bookmarked tabs.
Google Chrome Suggested Articles

Remove or Disable Google Chrome for Android Suggested Articles 

If you want to permanently remove this feature from the Google Chrome installed on your Android phone, you have to follow the steps to disable suggested articles.
  1. Open your Google Chrome mobile browser.
  2. Go to Menu or Options (3 vertical dots) located at upper right corner of your page screen.
    Google Chrome Settings
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Privacy.
    Google Chrome Privacy option
  5. Uncheck Search and site suggestions. This will turn off or remove the article feeds on you home screen.
    Search and suggestions

Relaunch your browser and you will see that all the popular articles are gone on your home page.

Tip: You can also do a one by one or manual removal of those listed articles by simply swiping left / right. Do this method if you do not like the article listed or you already read the content and you want a new feed to come out.