How to Remove Popular Sites in Google Chrome Android

You can remove or disable popular sites when you open your Google Chrome browser for Android in new tab.
Google continues to add new features in their browser for Android that makes our online browsing easier and more user friendly. Some of us like the updates and some also do not want it, as we prefer the old version with clean user interface on the home page. We are talking about the popular site features on the home page or new tab window when you open the Google Chrome browser for Android.
If you can see the list of websites and it favicon or small icon below the search box and you want to remove it for you to have an organized and clean Google homepage, you only need to disable it under the Chrome URLS page. By default, these popular sites are enabled in the new tab even if you clear your browsing history and data. This looks like a bookmarks that is automatically save when you open a new tab.
Google Chrome Popular Sites

How to Disable List of Popular Sites in Chrome for Android

Removing is a little bit complicated, as we cannot find these options on the Google Chrome menu and setting page. You have to enter the URL and be very careful of these steps by reading the warning on the browser page.
  • Go to your Google Chrome address bar and type chrome://chrome-urls.
  • Select chrome://flags from the long list or URLS.
  • Search for “Show popular sites on the New Tab page (Android)”
    Disable Popular Sites
  • Navigate the drop down and select “Disable”.
  • Wait for a few seconds then click “Relaunch Now” for the changes to take effect.

That’s about it. If you want a shorter and much quicker way to disable popular sites, just enter the URL below in the address bar and then select disable.


After you restart your Google Chrome browser, all the icons and list of website are now disappearing on your homepage. If you are still seeing popular or trending news post, try the steps on how to remove suggested articles on the Chrome browser.
You can also do a tap and hold on the site icon one by one to remove those sites you do not like.