TNT Viber10 - 3 days Viber Promo for only 10 Pesos

You can access Viber for up to 3 days with Talk N Text Viber10 promo that only cost you 10 pesos.
If your contacts are using Viber app as their way of communicating to you, you can try out the Talk N Text Viber promo. It is very affordable and budget friendly, for only 10 pesos you can already subscribe to VIBER10 package with 3 days validity. If you want longer validity period or extend the expiry date, what you can do is register again using the same code.
You must install the Viber app (Android and iOS) so that call and text your love ones and friends while you have an active registration of this TNT offer. If you are new to this app, all you have to do is download and install it on your smartphone, then link you active mobile number to enjoy voice and SMS texting at a cheaper price.
TNT Viber Promo

How to Register Talk N Text Viber Promo

You have to reload your TNT SIM card or account with the promo denomination you wish to subscribe. Make sure you have already installed the Viber app, if not you can subscribe to the list of TNT internet promo to download and install the application on your phone. Once done, just use the keyword format below.

Just text VIBER10 then send to 4545.

Promo description:
Viber access for 10 pesos (up to 200MB/day)
Validity: 3 days

You can also register to VIBER5 promo by sending the keyword to 4545 for only 5 pesos with 1-day Viber access.
If you want to know more about 10 pesos per day promo, see the list of TNT Babad Apps bundles.
Tip: Make sure you received the confirmation from TNT that your Viber promo is already active and ready to use before you start using the app.