Sun Postpaid Plan 599 - free Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, J5 and LG K7

Get a new LTE smartphone for free when you apply for Sun Cellular's postpaid Big Time Plan 599. Includes unlimited calls and texts, 2GB of data and 500 texts to all networks.
Here is your chance to get a new smartphone this holiday season through Sun Cellular Postpaid Plan 599. It includes free smartphone with unlimited calls and texts to Sun subscribers, 2GB of mobile data and 500 all-net texts.  All the network services included will refresh every month up to the end of your contract period.
The free phone is the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime that features 5-inch screen, Android Marshmallow OS, 8-megapixels camera and LTE ready. 
Sun Plan 599

How to Apply for Sun Plan 599 and Requirements

If this offer catches your interest, you can visit your nearest Sun Shop and apply for this plan now. All you need to do is submit all of the Sun Postpaid Plan Application requirements or documents listed below as your reference.

Sun Postpaid Application Form (available at any Sun Shop near you.) 
Two (2) Valid IDs 
Proof of Billing 
Proof of Income

Sun Big Time Plan 599 
  • FREE Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (other phones if available)
  • Unlimited calls & texts to SUN
  • 500 texts to other networks
  • 2GB open access data allocation

Other phones offered free with this plan are Samsung Galaxy J5 and LG K7 and all are under 24 month holding period or contract with Sun Cellular. 
Sun postpaid Plan 599
If you want extras or add-ons on top of your monthly plan, you can avail Call All 199, YouTube 99, Ultimate Bundle 249 and Non Stop Surf 450.