Sun LTE20 – 20 Pesos for up to 2 Days Internet + Unlimited Texts

Using your Sun Cellular prepaid LTE SIM you can enjoy up to 2 days internet access + unlimited texts for only 20 pesos with LTE20 promo.
If you are looking for a perfect internet promo that fits your budget, try the new Sun Prepaid Wais LTE20.
With your 20 pesos, you can enjoy mobile surfing for up to 200MB that is good for two days.  Use it to access all of your favorite website, social media apps, emails, chat and other online activities you like. No need for you to spend 50 pesos daily if you are minimal internet users just to connect online.
With this promo, you can also enjoy unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts so you can contact your friends and love ones without subscribing to another text promo.  Once the allocated 200MB consumed, you can still contact any of your friends by texting them anytime you want as long as your Sun LTE 20 promo is still active.
Sun Cellular LTE 20

How to Register Sun Cellular Wais LTE 20 Promo

You can register for this offer via SMS keyword format. All you need to do is reload your Sun Prepaid account with 20 pesos then subscriber to LTE20 using the promo mechanics below.

Just text LTE20 send to 247

Promo description:
200MB open access 
Unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts 
Validity: 2 days
Amount: 20 pesos

If you want more data and longer validity, see the list of Sun LTE Internet Promo – LTE50, 100 and 200 denominations.

How to use data?
Once your promo is active and ready to use, just turn on your mobile phone data then open your web browser or app that you would like to use to access online. If you are having trouble with activating your data, you can check Sun Cellular APN settings.

How to use unli SMS text?
Make sure you only text Sun Cellular mobile number or else your regular load will be deducted with standard SMS rate if you interconnect with other networks.
This offer is best use using Sun LTE SIM, device and LTE ready location. Just set your mobile preferred network type to LTE or Auto to get the best connectivity possible in your area. Also, do not forget to turn off auto updates on your phone and restrict background data to avoid unwanted data consumption since the LTE20 promo is only limited to 200MB for 2 days.