Globe HomeSurf 349 gives you 10GB of Data for 10 Days

Get more data than the usual GoSURF data bundles with a Globe HomeSURF349 promo. You'll get 10GB of data that is valid up to 10 days.
Here is a good promo for Globe Prepaid Home WiFi subscribers, you can add up 10GB of data to your current GoSURF promo by subscribing to HomeSurf 349 package.
This offer is for heavier data users and to those have something to download or update that is more than 1GB file size. It's good that Globe offers this kind of package for prepaid users aside from SuperSURF, GoSAKTO and GoSURF.
Using Globe HomeSURF349 requires purchasing LTE Prepaid Home WiFi that cost you 1999.00 pesos with free 10GB of data upon activation. After that, you have the option on when to reload your modem/router and how much you want to load on your account. That’s the advantage of using prepaid, no fixed monthly bill, you will pay only based on your consumption.
Globe HomeSURF 349

How to Register Globe HOMESURF349 – 10GB Data

You can directly subscribe to this promo using an SMS keyword. If you have internet access, you can use the Globe HOME App by going to menu, then select the option ‘Get more data’. Choose ‘Home Surf 349’ then click the subscribe button. Make sure to reload your prepaid account before you proceed to registration.

To register via text:
Just text HOMESURF349 send to 2 + (10-digit mobile number / modem SIM card number)

Sample format: HOMESURF349 send to 29177654321

Just wait for the SMS notification from Globe about your promo registration. If it says successful and ready to use, then you can start surfing immediately. Just connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other wireless capable device to you Home Prepaid WiFi access point to start browsing the internet.

Promo description:
10GB of data
Validity: 10 days

You can also register to HomeSurf 15 - 1GB of data for only 15 pesos with 1 day validity.

Note: Available only on top of your active GoSURF subscription and to Home Prepaid Wi-Fi users. To check your remaining GB/MB of data, make sure you register your account using the Globe at Home app.


  1. Scenario/case question: Registered to 599 (30 days) kaso 15th day pa lamang ay ubos na yung data ko. Pwede ba mag register ulit ng 599 for additional 15gb, or any better suggestion?

    Subject to FUP and if yes, ilang GB po ba pwedeng gamitin in a day?



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