0955 and 0956 – Know What Network Prefix These Numbers Belong

Trying to call and text 0955 and 0956 mobile numbers? Know if what network prefix these numbers belong e.g. Smart or Globe.
Do you want to text or call any of these two numbers, but do you do not know what a network is 0955 and 0956 then you’re in the right page to find out what Telco it belong.
You can call these numbers using your mobile phone or any landline but you will be charged by standard interconnection call rates. If you are subscribing to unlimited call promo and one of this number appear on your contact list, you need to know first what network this prefix is.
Our network providers nowadays have tri-net call and text promo offers so you need to take note what prefixes are included in the group. For example, you are using the Smart SIM card, Sun Cellular and TNT are subsidiaries of Smart Communications and considered as tri-net. The same thing with Globe Telecom, you can also text to our call to TM (Touch Mobile), Cherry Prepaid and ABS CBN mobile if it is included in the promo bundle.
0955 - 0956 What Network

What network is 0955 and 0956 – Is it for Globe Telecom?

If you are using Globe Telecom or TM, you can always text and call this mobile number as these are their latest and newest prefix network.  You can call these numbers if you are using Globe landline that offers unlimited calls to Globe and TM mobile numbers.

0955 – Touch Mobile
0956 – Globe Telecom

See all the list of  Globe and TM list of mobile network prefix.

How to call use mobile number and landline?
Just dial 63+11 digits mobile number or directly dial the 11-digit number.

To those who maintain P1.00 load balance to continue using their active promo subscription, you need to remember that 0955 and 0956 is a Globe/TM network prefix. Smart subscribers who do not register to unli all net texts promo need to make sure they have enough regular load balance to text these numbers.