What does “LODI” Mean? – Internet / Facebook Slang Meaning

To know the internet slang or the word "Lodi", you can simply read it backward starting from right to left to know the meaning.
Most of us spend our free time browsing online, in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.
Every day we read an interesting post that can caught our attention and maybe some of us are puzzled about the meaning of those words or slang. One of the few words that you can read online is “Lodi”, an expression that is similar to 80’s to 90’s terms “repa”, “astig” “nosi”,”petmalu” and others.
Millennials nowadays are now creative in creating online slang to express themselves in a unique way that only young generation can easily get the real meaning. Just like the word "sapnu puas" that need to be read upside down to know what it means.
Lodi Meaning

Lodi Meaning and Other Filipino Online Slang

Lodi - simply means “idol” 
-if you admire a person, you can call them “lodi”.

Petmalu - means “malupit”
-if you find something or someone is amazing you can use”petmalu”.

Werpa – means “Power”
-if you agree or support you can say “werpa”.

Matsala - means “Salamat”
-if you want to say thank you to someone you can simply say “matsala”.

Erp – means “Pare / pre”
-if you have a guy friend you can call him “erp”.

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