Smart All Out Surf 20 – Unli text to All Networks, 150MB Data + Call

Smart all in one call, text, surf promo call ALL OUT SURF 20, gives you unli all-net texts, trinet call, 150MB of data plus FB access for only 20 pesos.
If you are looking for a cheap all in one promo, try the Smart All Out Surf 20. It gives you unlimited text to all networks that you can use to text subscribers from Sun Cellular, Talk N Text, Globe, Touch Mobile and others for 24 hours.
You can also use the 20 minutes tri-net call allocation in case you have important matters to talk over the phone.
Aside from that, you also have 150MB of data that you can use to access any of your favorite websites and apps.  In Smart online store, it says you can have free/unli Facebook while you are subscribed to this promo.
Smart All Out Surf 20

How to Register Smart All Out Surf 20 Promo

To subscribe to this Smart AllOut20, you need to reload your prepaid account with 20.00 pesos then text the keyword or code in the following format provided below.

Just text ALLOUT20 send to 9999

Promo description:
Unlitext to all networks
20 minutes call to Smart/Sun/TNT
150MB mobile data
Free Facebook access
Amount: 20 pesos
Validity: 1 day / 24 hours

You can also add an unlimited trinet call while registered to ALL OUT SURF 20 for only 5 pesos. Just text the keyword TALK5 before your promo subscription expires. If you want additional 50MB of data, you can also text DATA5 then send to 9999

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How to call using ALL Out 20?
Just directly dial the 11-digit mobile number of the contact person you are trying to call.

Note: Make sure you received the confirmation message from Smart before you start using this promo. Here’s a sample notification sent to your mobile number after you successfully register for this offer.
“You have successfully registered to AllOutSurf20! You now have 150MB data, 20 Trinet minutes & Unli Facebook valid for 1 day”