Smart All Night 20 Bundle - 20 Pesos 4 Hours (11PM - 5AM) Surfing

Surf all you want with Smart Bro ALLNIGHT 20 promo bundle that gives you 4 hours of all-night online surfing from 11PM to 5AM.
If you are experiencing slow internet speed during peak hours, try Smart Bro All Night 20 promo bundle.
Unlike the regular internet surfing packages, this promo is only valid for 4 hours that you can use from 11:00PM to 5:00AM early in the morning. With your 20 pesos, you can now enjoy browsing your favorite websites, access social media accounts, stream, make video calls and more for four straight hours.
If you love Smart Flexitime and Unlisurf 85, this is another alternative if you have something to download that SurfMax and GigaSurf cannot handle. Some users say that it is unlimited or no capping and others also experience data signal disruption after downloading very large files.

How to Register Smart ALLNIGHT 20 Promo

You can register online using your Smart dashboard or you can also dial *121# menu to register. The very quickest option to subscribe with All Night 20 promo is via SMS keyword. 

Just text ALLNIGHT 20 send to 2200

Promo description:
4 hours of all-night online surfing
Price: 20 pesos
Validity: 4 hours 
Usage time: 11PM to 5AM only
Available to:  Smart Bro Prepaid

If you are a Smart Prepaid SIM user, you can try Smart GIGANIGHT 15 pesos internet access from 1:00AM to 6:00AM.
Wait for the SMS confirmation from Smart before you start using this promo. You can register your SIM and use it on your USB broadband, Pocket Wi-Fi (LTE, 3G/H+), smartphone, tablet and other cellular network capable device.