TM GG30 – Unli All Net Texts plus COC, ROS + Mobile Legends for 3 Days

Good game with TM GG30 unlitext to all networks promo plus Mobile Legends, ROS and Clash of Clans for only 30 pesos up to 3 days.
Do you play Clash of Clans and Mobile Legends? If yes, you can register to Touch Mobile’s GG30 promo.
With this offer, you can enjoy playing two of the most played online games for only 30 pesos plus the unlimited text to all networks. The data allocation is only limited to 300MB so you need to manage your playing time for it to last up to 3 days. The 10 games included in this promo are ML, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Vain Glory, Legacy of Discord, Arena of Valor (AOV), Lineage Revolution, Free Fire and the latest addition is Rules of Survival also known as ROS.
The advantage of TM GG30 is that you don’t need to register daily or 3 times to UA10 just to enjoy unlitext to all networks. You’ll also have consumable data for that you can use to access your favorite mobile game (COC and ML).

How to Subscribe Touch Mobile GG30 Promo 

You can register to Touch Mobile good game 30 or TM GG30 via SMS keyword. Just reload your prepaid account the follow the format provided for your reference.

Just text GG30 send to 8080

Promo details:
300MB for Mobile Legends and Clash of Clans
Unlimited text to all networks
Validity: 3 days
Price: 30 pesos

Also available in TM GG50 – 5 Days Unli All Net Texts, Mobile Legends + Clash of Clans app internet access.

It's better to use this promo with an LTE capable device (smartphone or Pocket Wi-Fi), SIM card and location for smooth mobile gaming experience. Just set your preferred data connection type to LTE or auto to get the best network connectivity option.

If you want surf only promo you can still try the TM SUPERSURF50 50 pesos good for 1 day.

To check your remaining balance and status, just text GG30 STATUS send to 8080. If you also want to stop your subscription, just text GG30 STOP the send to 8080. Make sure you received the SMS notification from TM before you start using this promo to avoid regular load deductions.