Smart Video Timeout 25 – Unli YouTube for 25 Pesos up to 3 hours

With the new Smart Video Time Out 25, you can enjoy up to 3 hours of unlimited YouTube streaming for only 25 pesos. Just text the keyword VIDEO25 to subscribe.
What you can do with your 25 pesos? You can spend it with Smart’s unlimited YouTube streaming load to watch your favorite online and trending videos.
The new Video Timeout 25 or VIDEO25 promo lets you watch non-stop videos for 3 hours without worrying about data cap or limit using your smartphone and tablet. TO maximize your streaming experience with this promo it is better to use Smart LTE SIM/device if your area is covered with 4G/LTE network.
Of course you need to install or use the official YouTube app for easy and quick content access when you subscribed to this offer.
Smart Unli Youtube 25

How to Register Smart VIDEO25 YouTube Promo

This is available to all Smart Prepaid subscribers, use the keyword format, or code to register with Video Time 25 promo.

Just text VIDEO25 send to 9999

Other keywords: VIDEO 25 TIMEOUT25 and TIMEOUT 25

Promo description:
Unlimited YouTube streaming
3 hours only
Price: 25 pesos
Validity: 1 day
Price: 100 Pesos
Smart Unli Youtube

Unli YouTube for only 10 Pesos:
Just register to VIDEO10 Video Time Out 10 promo.

How to load via retailer:
For now, you cannot find this offer on your Smart Menu. Maybe soon.

How to start streaming:
Just turn on your mobile data. If you have trouble loading, please check the correct Smart APN on your phone settings.

Note: Before you start using VIDEO25 promo, make sure you received the SMS confirmation from Smart to avoid the unwanted regular load deduction.