TNT Techno User SIM offers Unli Facebook and Other Promos

Talk N Text and SPV offer Techno user SIM to start your own loading business with exclusive promo that lets you enjoy unlimited access to Facebook, Viber and more.
One of the new offer to try if you’re a Talk N Text subscriber is the Techno User SIM or “SuperSIM” offered by the loading company Self-Load Prepaid Ventures Internationa (SPV). Just like other prepaid loading business, they offer discounted products to give their customers an opportunity to earn. Since they are in loading industry, the SIM that they are using is powered by Smart/TNT network and its LTE ready.
You can use the Techno SIM if you want to be a load retailer or even use it for personal purpose to avail the exclusive offers and discounted promos. 
TNT Techno User SIM
Techno User SIM powered by TNT

How to Register Techno User SIM Promo

You need to avail Techno SIM from SVP TNT distributors and resellers on your location. If you’re asking how much is the SIM card package, we cannot give you the exact suggested retail price. Due to limited supply and demand, resellers are taking advantage of the pricing of this Super SIM.

Where to buy:
You can inquire from at load retailers nearest you or just head to Facebook and search for Techno User SIM resellers. Take note, make sure to check the sellers review and feedbacks before you transact with them to avoid being scammed online. 

SIM Description:
Tri-cut (works on regular, micro and nano SIM slot)
Loading Menu features (use for loading business)
Non-expiry even if not loaded for 2 years

Register a promo:
Just text M10 send to 4545
Promo description:
Unli access to Facebook, FB Messenger, Viber 
Load needed: 10 Pesos
Validity: Valid for 3 days

Other load options:
P3.35 good for 1day
P10.00 good for 3days
P100.00 good for 1month
P500.00 good for 5months
P1,217.00 good for 1-year

You can also register other promo in TNT Babad Apps using this SIM.

This TNT Techno User SIM can also load all networks and other services (Globe, Smart, TM, Sun Cellur, GSAT, Dream Satellite, Cignal, Sky Direct and even games)