Smart LTE Prime LTE50 and LTE100 – 1.5GB or 3GB Data Per Day

Smart's latest internet promo LTE Prime 50 and 100 gives you up to 3GB of open access data per day.
Another good news to all Smart subscribers, the new LTE Prime internet promo package is now available to both postpaid and prepaid users.
If your location is LTE ready and your device or smartphone is LTE capable, you can try this new data offer from Smart. For only 50 pesos you can register to LTE Prime 50 and enjoy 1.5GB of data that you can use on your mobile phone or LTE Pocket Wi-Fi (get it for only 1495pesos) 
If you think 1.5GB is not enough for the whole day, you can step up to higher denomination which is the LTE Prime 100. It gives you 3 gigabytes of open access data good for 1 day.
Smart LTE Prime

How to Register LTE Prime 50 and 100 Pesos Promo

To subscribe using Smart Prepaid LTE SIM, just text the keyword format and send to access code number provided below.
Text LTE50 send to 9999
1.5GB open access data
Validity: 1 day
Price: 50 pesos

Text LTE100 send to 9999
3 GB data allocation
Validity: 1 day
Price: 100 pesos
For Smart Bro prepaid subscribers can also register via SmartBro dashboard. Go to Add-ons tabs and navigate to LTE Prime 50 or LTE Prime 100 then click register. To check your remaining MB/GB or data, just use your dashboard to monitor your usage or follow how to do a Balance Inquiry in Smart Bro account.

You can also purchase this load at Smart Online store by logging into your mySmart account, just search the same keyword then select your desire promo and proceed to check out. Before you start using this LTE50 and LTE100 promos, make sure you received the notification from Smart that you successfully registered to this promo. Here’s a sample message confirmation “You’ve successfully registered to LTE Prime 50! Enjoy 1.5GB of data for all apps and sites using your LTE-capable phone for 1-day.