Check T-Mobile Balance Prepaid, Data, Text, Minutes and Expiry Date

Check and inquire your T-Mobile account balance for text message usage, data, plan time remaining minutes and plan expiration date.
You can easily monitor your usage when using T-Mobile network services by simply dialing short codes or commands using your phone.
Instead of calling their hotline or signing into your account online, you can quickly perform this USSD code on your phone dialer menu to get your account balance for prepaid minutes, text message usage, data usage and plan expiration date.
Though you can use T-Mobile web page and mobile app to check full details of your account by logging in using your number, the short codes are still the fastest and ideal way in checking your you plan.
T-Mobile Balance Check

How to Check T-Mobile Account Balance? 

Via Online and T-Mobile my account app:

  • Sign up for my T-Mobile account on their website.
  • Download and install T-Mobile app on the App Store or Google Play, then log in your ID.
  • Select Usage or Usage and Plans.
  • View details to check your usage.
Via USSD codes:
T-Mobile Balance Code

T-Mobile USSD CodesDescription
#BAL# (#225#)Check account plan time
#999#Check prepaid account balance and minutes remaining.
#MIN# (#646#)Check minute usage
#MSG# (#674#)Check message usage
#WEB# (#932#)Check data used, data plan, and expiration date