How to Use NearGroup Chat App in Facebook Messenger

Here's how to chat with people nearby with the NearGroup app in Facebook Messenger using your phone without installation needed.
If you want to chat anonymously with someone near you using Facebook Messenger app, then try NearGroup.
It’s an online chat dating app that uses chatbot to connect with people nearby, join group chats, follow live stories and conversations without revealing your identity.  The app gains popularity in the Philippines and other countries through Facebook sharing where users share invitations and their stories anonymously.
One good thing with Near Group is that you don’t need to download and install on your Android and iOS (iPhone) as it works instantly by only using your Facebook Messenger. 

How Near Group Works and How to Use It

NearGroup works on Facebook Messenger, no installation needed if you already have the FB messenger app installed or pre-installed on your phone. 

Facebook Messenger
Smartphone (Android and iOS)
Internet connection / mobile data / NearGroup also works on Free Data

How to use or open NearGroup?
  1. Open your FB Messenger then search NearGroup.
  2. Select the NearGroup FB App page.
  3. Click on Get Started to start using the app.

Once you started, NearGroup chatbot requires few details and preferences before you start chatting. Below are the few questions you need to answer.
  • What’s your age range?
  • Please send you location, so we can find users nearby you. (Don’t worry they promise not to share your exact location)
  • Please select your current residence country? (Options are Philippines, Vietnam, India, etc.)
  • Last thing, we need your FB login.  (No worry, they won’t post or spam your Facebook)

How to earn free prepaid load (Globe/Smart) using NearGroup?

On NG chat menu, just select Earn Money option. Tapping it will give you referral code like this “”. You can share it to your friends and if 20 of them will join NearGroup you can earn P100.00 load.
Near Group Earn Load

NearGroup chat codes or commands:

MENU – to display and go back to main menu.
END – to end or leave a chat conversation and go back to menu
INVITE – invite a friend to group chat
ADD –  add to favorite / send friend request in chat
ASK – to ask random question

Tips: Blind-chat with a girl can be used only 5 times a day. Once you reach the that you can still you Neargroup other features. A girl nearby also can be used every 12 hours.