Cignal TV Balance Inquiry – Check Your Load Expiry via Text

You can check the remaining days of your Cignal Cable TV load by simply following the steps on how to do a balance inquiry using your prepaid SIM account.
If you want to know when and what day your Cignal Cable TV prepaid load expire, just use your mobile number and no need for you to call their hotline to do a balance inquiry via text.
All you need to do is register your Cignal account number using your SIM then after the successful registration you can already use the inquiry service anytime.  
Do note that there’s a P1 load deduction after you text or enroll your account. The next thing to do is to check the expiration date of your load by simply text the short code or keyword format.
Cignal Balance Inquiry

How to Check or Inquire Cignal Cable TV Load Balance

As mentioned above, you need to register your account. Just follow the steps provided below on how to do it using your Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text (TNT) SIM card.
Just text CIGNAL space REG space Cignal Account # then send to 5353
Example format:
CIGNAL REG 812345678 send to 5353
P1 charge from your regular load on a successful registration. Next step is the inquiry, follow the format below.
CIGNAL space EXP space Cignal Account# then send to 5353
Example format:
CIGNAL EXP 812345678 send to 5353

You will receive a message something like this so you can compute the remaining days of your load:
“0XXXXX: Prepaid load expiry for Account No. 812345678 is successfully retrieved. Prepaid load expiry: Aug 19, 2017 P1/txt Ref: 1234567.”

If you're a retailer, here's How To Load Cignal using Smart Retailer SIM steps.

For postpaid subscribers, you can inquire details of your account by simply enrolling to Cignal account portal.  If the above method doesn’t work for or you have other concerns other that your account balance, you can always contact their toll free hotline number using your landline.
For Metro Manila: 
02-CIGNAL1 (02-2446251)
Toll-free hotline for PLDT, Smart & Sun subscribers:
1-800-10-2446251 (CIGNAL-1)
For Globelines, Globe and TM subscribers: 
1-800-8-2446251 (CIGNAL-1)
You can also visit your nearest Cignal office or reseller for tips and inquiries about your account.