Smart GIGA70 GigaSurf 70 – 7 Days Internet, Unli FB and All Net Texts

With the latest Smart GIGASURF 70 promo, you can now enjoy 7 days unlimited Facebook access, unli SMS text to all networks and 1GB of data for only 70 pesos.
Here’s a new promo from Smart called GIGAURF 70, 7 days of internet access with unlimited texts to all networks and UNLI FB (Facebook).
For only 70 pesos worth of regular load you can register to this promo using the keyword GIGA70. This offer runs until August 5 and available to Smart Prepaid and Bro subscribers. For only P10 per day you can now play online games, stream, check and update your social media account using this package for 7 days or 1 week.
The GIGASURF 70 gives you 1 GB of open access data that is valid up to 7 days. Even if you fully consume the allocated data, you can still benefit the added services like unli SMS and Facebook access.
Smart Gigasurf 70

How to Register GIGASURF 70 Promo for 7 days

The easiest way to subscribe to this promo is via SMS using the keyword GIGA70. You need to reload your Smart prepaid account with Php70.00 plus maintaining balance of P1 to use this offer.

Just text GIGA70 to 9999

Promo description:
1GB of mobile data
Unlimited SMS to all networks
Unli Facebook
Only 70 pesos
Validity: 7 days

Also available in GIGASURF PLUS 75 with data access, sms to all net, unli call and text.

Note: If you use to register BIG70 or BigBytes 70 before, I can suggest to use this new GIGA70 as it is way better in terms of package included. 
You can also ask your load retailer if GIGA70 is available on Smart Load Menu, if not you can refer above details to register. Make sure you received the SMS notification from Smart before you start using this GIGASURF70 promo to avoid any unwanted load deduction.


  1. Hindi po ba kaoag ginamit ko lang fb tapos nagdownload ako malelessen yung 1GB data ko???

  2. just registered today, wala nang UNLI FB..kaasar same na lang sya sa BIG70 1024mb + 300mb for youtube/netflix etc.

    1. Kaya nga, sarap manuod nang movie sa FB ih

  3. Sana maulit ang ganyang promo malaking bagay...kya pla iba ang naregister ng BIG70 ko sa smart buddy gawa ng exp ng promo

  4. Yun giga99 po ba may unli fb yun?

  5. Hindi naman unli totoo yung unli text to all network. Smart and sun lang pwede. ��

  6. wala.n pala unli fb???anu ung pwede pong e reg na promo katulad nung may access sa fb n mas malaki n data

  7. Sana bumalik na yung unli fb namimiss ko na one to sawa kami..


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