How to Play EverWing on PC or Desktop, Mobile and FB Messenger

Here's a tutorial on how to play EverWing Facebook messenger instant game on your Windows PC or computer and smartphone (Android or iOS).
Here’s a new addictive game on Facebook instant games called Everwing that doesn’t require you to download and install on your phone.
It’s available on almost all platforms, from mobile Android OS to Apple iPhone iOS and even on your Windows computer. You can play it anywhere as long as you have internet on your phone or Wi-Fi connection.
What makes Everwing fun and challenging is that you can play it with your Facebook friends. You have Leaderboards, quests, missions, raids and characters that you can choose to level up your game.
Play Everwing Game

Steps to Play EverWing on PC, Mobile and Messenger

In case you’re new to this online game and want to try it, you can select any of the options on how to play EverWing.

Play EverWing Via Mobile or Tablet with Facebook Messenger (Android and iOS):
  1. It requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher OS, iOS 8 for iPhone and of course internet connection.
  2. Download and install Facebook Messenger. If it is already installed or pre-installed, please update it.
  3. Open you Messenger and directly open a message conversation. (Choose a message from your close friend or family member as it will appear as invitation play)
  4. Above the write a message field, click on the game controller icon or the "+" sign to open the Games.
    EverWing Game Controller Icon
  5. On the “Latest releases” list search for EverWing or use the search icon, then type “EverWing” to display the game.
    Everwing Game Play
  6. Click on Play to start the game.
  7. Wait for EverWing to load 100%.
Watch Everwing video:

Play EverWing Via PC, Desktop or Laptop (Windows):
  1. Open your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and login your Facebook account.
  2. Open Messages Messenger icon on the upper left of your Facebook profile page. Located in the middle of Friend requests and notification icon.
  3. Click on any message conversation.
  4. Click on game controller icon. If not available, click on Settings icon, then select “Open in Messenger”.
    Everwing Desktop or PC
  5. On the Messenger window look for the search bar, type EverWing to search.
  6. On the search results, look for Games category and click the “EverWing” to open the game.

Tip: For desktop users, no need to install Bluestacks just go to then login your Facebook account to play EverWing. Follow the above procedure to open the game. If you have problems, e.g. game is always loading on mobile data, unable to play and more, make sure you have stable internet speed or use Wi-Fi. Take note that mobile users must meet the system requirement or specs to play Everwing smoothly using your phone.


  1. i can't play it on iPHONE 4s iOS version 9.3.5

  2. Why there is no Game Icon in my Messenger in Pc?

  3. Yes I can play ever wing in chrome, or in fire fox, but i cant scroll the list while after i'm clicking in Go Mission. its only 2-3 person, I can'not choose either of my friends. can anyone fix, or if doesn't need to fix then atleast update. thank you.


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