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How to Get or Apply Postal ID – Requirements and Online Application Form

You can apply and get the new improved premium Postal ID by bringing the needed requirements and filling up the downloadable form available online.
One of the easiest and less hassle valid ID you can get in the Philippines is the Postal ID. The card is counted and honored in banks, government institutions and other transacti…
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One of the easiest and less hassle valid ID you can get in the Philippines is the Postal ID.
The card is counted and honored in banks, government institutions and other transactions as proof of identity. If you want to apply, submit the requirements at your nearest post office along with the on-site ID capture and digital fingerprint system.
Philippines Postal Corporation recently launched the new and improved postal ID with additional physical security features making it more reliable and hard to duplicate or reproduce. If you get this new PID (Postal ID), it will be valid for 3 years with a fixed application fee of Php504.00.
Postal ID

Postal ID Application, Requirements and Online Downloadable Form

To apply for a new Postal ID, you need to comply with requirements before you proceed to the nearest postal office on your location.
  1. Two (2) copies of duly-accomplished PID application form
  2. Submit any one (1) of the following Proof of Identity:

NSO Birth Certificate or issued by Local Civil Registry, GSIS or SSS UMID Card, Driver’s License or Passport. For married females, you must bring your marriage certificate to validate change of name from birth document.

If applicant cannot provide any of the proof of identity mentioned above, they can submit any two of the following documents:

BIR ID, Baptismal Certificate, Certificate of Birth, College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records, Confirmation Certificate, Elementary or High School Form 137, Marriage Certificate, Valid Alumni ID, Valid Basic Postal ID, Valid College, School or University ID, Valid Company ID, Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID, Valid NBI Clearance, Valid OWWA ID, Valid Pag-Ibig ID, Valid PhilHealth ID, Valid PRC ID, Valid Paper-based Postal ID, Valid Police Clearance, Valid Seaman’s Book, Valid Senior Citizen ID, Valid Tax Identification Number Card, Valid Voter’s ID.
In my case I provide NSO Birth Certificate and Barangay Clearance.

The Postal ID online application system is not yet available, but you can download the application PID form online available on Phlpost website. Using this form saves you time as you can fill it up at home than doing it in the post office. Below is the preview of the form you need to fill up and take note to accomplish two copies of this before you submit along with proof of identity.

Take note of the checked marks, those are mandatory fields that you need to fill in. Better print extra copies of this form as a backup in case you made errors on the while filling up.
Postal ID Application Form

Once PID the form is done, you need to photocopy your proof of identity as you need to submit it along with the form. Do not submit the original copy, it is only used for validation of your documents by the post office staff. 

After successful data validation, you will now proceed to the on-site ID capture and fingerprint station. For male and females with long hair, don’t forget to tie it up before you proceed to ID capture facility.
We were down to the last part, you need to pay for 504.00 pesos (regular delivery fee included). This step may come before or after ID capture.

That’s it, don’t forget the copy of acknowledgement receipt.

Wait and expect the delivery within 15 working days if you’re in Metro Manila, 20 working days for major cities and 30 for remote provinces or barangays. For renewal of expired Postal ID card, you need follow almost the same steps, but you need to check renewal as purpose in PID form.


Unknown said…
thanks for information. You mentioned regular delivery fee of 504 pesos for 15 days within Manila and 20 days in some major cities.There must be special delivery fee which is "rush"...would you know how much and how quick they will deliver? thanks
Micay said…
Marriage contract and brgy clearance pwd na po ba as requirements to apply postal i.d
Unknown said…
Anu po Kailanganin sa pag kuha ng postal id
Unknown said…
pwedi po kumuha online ng postal id