Sun Cellular WAIS 200 – 30 Days Unli Call and Text for 200 Pesos

Sun Cellular WAIS 200 promo gives you unlimited call and text to SUN subscribers valid for 30 days plus 500 texts to Smart and TNT. You can also add extras or add-on for only 50 pesos.
Are you looking for the latest Sun Cellular promos? With the new WAIS 200 load, you can enjoy unlimited call and text to Sun network for 30 days.
You can also enjoy added 500 texts to Smart and TNT subscribers plus you can choose extra options with 48 hours of registration for only 50 pesos. Extra add-on includes unli tri-net call, text to all networks, 1GB internet data and 25 minutes IDD call with 30 days’ validity.
Be wise in choosing the right unli promo by subscribing to Sun prepaid WAIS 200. This is also hassle free as it only needs a one-time registration good for 1 month.
Sun WAIS 200 Promo

How to Register Sun WAIS 200 Unlimited Call and Text Promo

Note: You can register to WAIS200 via text or load conversion method. Just reload your Sun Cellular prepaid account with 200 pesos, text the following keyword or code in the correct format to subscribe. Check out more details below for your reference.

Promo Description: 
Unlimited Sun to Sun Call and texts
500 texts to Smart and TNT network
Price: 200 pesos
Validity: 30 days

To register:

Just text WAIS200 to 247

You can also check out WAIS100 unli call and text for only 100 pesos with 15 days validity. 

Compare this offer to Globe GoUNLI350 - also offer 30 days unli call and all net texts for only 350 pesos.

If you want to avail additional or extra add-on worth 50 pesos, you can select or use the following keyword below to register within 48 hours of WAIS promo subscription.
EALTXT50 - Unlimited texts to all networks
ETCALL50 - Unlimited calls to TRINET (Sun, Smart, and TNT)
EICALL50 - 25 minutes IDD Calls** (select countries)
EDATA50 - 1000MB / 1GB
EDATA100 - 2000MB / 2GB
Just select add-on that fits with your needs and lifestyle. 


  1. I have registered to WAIS200, but I cannot make a call using the 11-digit cellphone number.
    How can I make a call?

  2. Same problem here, I also register to WAIS200, but I cannot make a call using the 11-digit cellphone number. Thanks

  3. There is no free fb in sun wais 200?

  4. how to stop the promo?

  5. same problem with theirs...
    can someone answer our queries...
    the reason why we chose this promo is because it says unlimited call and then how come we can't make a call at all...


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