Lenovo Theme Center Uninstall Harmful App – Disable Notification

Lenovo Theme Center prompts uninstall harmful app notification, to fix and get rid of the warning message, simply follow the quick steps to solve the issue.
I think this is a common issue with Lenovo Android smartphone users, the “Uninstall Harmful App” warning message caused by Theme Center.
If you’re experiencing this kind of notification and annoyed by the frequent pop up message, you can easily solve the issue without uninstalling any apps and reformatting your phone.
This problem usually occurs when you restart and charging your phone. If it’s your first time to encounter this issue, you’ll be thinking about why Theme Center is acting like is harmful to your phone while it’s a pre-installed or system app.

Lenovo Theme Center Harmful App

How to Disable Lenovo Theme Center Harmful App Warning Message

In my case this problem occurs on my Lenovo Vibe K4 Note after the upgrade to the Marshmallow operating system. Other models like K3, K5 and K6 is also having this kind of notification from their Theme Center app as posted on Lenovo forum. Since it’s a system app you cannot just uninstall it to stay away from the warning message. If you uninstall the app, you cannot change your wallpaper, Vibe UI and other interface customization. Here’s what I did to fix, and get rid of the “Uninstall harmful app. This app can collect data that may be used to track you” message.
Lenovo Uninstall Theme Center Harmful App
  1. When "Uninstall harmful app Theme Center can damage your device" pop up, don’t click “Uninstall” instead click the notification message to open. 
  2. In “Keep anyway (unsafe)” and “OK” option, Click on more details. 
  3. Click on “Don’t warn me again”.

Once above steps are done, notification will not prompt you again and solve the issue. You don’t need to worry on the message “Even if you have heard of this app or the app developer, this version of the app c could harm your device” as the Lenovo Theme Center is a system app and part of Vibe UI.

Tip, if you happen to click the uninstall or delete Theme Center, you can easily enable and disable it by going to Setting - Apps - All apps / Disabled then click Enable.